All lesson quizzes will be graded on a pass/fail basis. You must score at least a 70% in order to pass each Quiz. If you fail the quiz (69% or less), unless otherwise stated, you may take it again (up to a maximum of 5 attempts) until you pass. Your lesson quiz grade is the highest % score of the attempted quizzes taken. If there are assignments or any other items in your course that will contribute to your grade, you will be advised in the Student Instructions for that course. You must have a passing grade for any quizzes in a lesson before you may proceed to the next lesson. The grading scale is A (90% - 100%), B (80% - 89%), C (70% - 79%), D (60% - 69%) and F (below 60%). If you finish the course with a C grade or higher, you can print a full color Certificate of Achievement for your course signed by Rev. Angley and the Dean.

When you begin a course, please read the Student Instructions first; this is where you will find any course specific information for this course. Next, proceed to the Course Introduction for a brief introduction to the course by the instructor. Then you will notice that your Memory Verse Flash Cards and the Introduction for Lesson 1 are available for you to click on. Below the icons in each course you will notice that any tasks that you must complete before you may click on the icon are listed. The icons are locked until any prerequisite tasks are completed. Each course is divided into lessons. Please begin with Lesson 1 and work through each lesson in order. YOU CANNOT CHANGE THIS SEQUENCE because each lesson builds on the previous one. If you fail to do that, this online program WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO GO TO THE NEXT LESSON OR ACTIVITY. You must follow and repeat these steps for each lesson:

  1. Read the lesson Introduction.
  2. The lesson reading takes you to the portion of the textbook that the lesson covers.
  3. Memorize the required Bible verses for the lesson; you must know both the scriptures and their locations EXACTLY. A set of “memory verse flash cards” for the scriptures are provided to challenge your memory.
  4. Work through the lesson Study Questions which will challenge you to think about and analyze the lesson material. In Short Answer or Fill in the Blank questions, your response will appear along with the recommended answer. No reattempts for wrong answers are required for this type of question. Other question types require that you answer the question correctly before proceeding. This process IS NOT AN EXAM but simply a study process.
  5. When you complete the Study Questions, you may then move on to the lesson Quiz. Answer the questions; and when you are finished, click on SAVE ALL and SUBMIT. You will immediately receive a graded quiz score and be able to review your quiz results question by question. The minimum required passing score is 70%, and you must pass each quiz before proceeding to the next lesson.
  6. Once you pass a lesson quiz, you can move on to the lesson summary.
  7. Now proceed to the next lesson and repeat these steps.

All the materials and study aids you need are provided online. Please only use the textbooks provided online in studying for your course. The online textbooks may contain books or Giant Little Books written by Rev. Angley, but many times the online version is the latest updated version. The Online Course textbooks may also include additional materials not contained in the printed version.

The grading scale is A (90% - 100%), B (80% - 89%), C (70% - 79%), D (60% - 69%) and F (below 60%). If you finish the Course with a C grade or higher, you have passed the course and can receive a Certificate of Achievement for that Course.

Just contact us and we will get back to you during our business hours; so please be aware of time zone differences.

The Study Questions provide the basis for your learning, and you can review them up to 10 times. Some questions challenge you to compare the material to your own life. Take time to enter your responses in detail and check to the instructor’s comments. This can make the material very personal and help you spiritually. Your Quiz questions are taken directly from the Study Question material; so if you fail any of the quizzes, you must go back and review the Study Questions until you know them.

Once you have successfully completed each course with a passing grade your Certificate of Achievement will be made available at the bottom of your course’s page in the Finish Course topic block.

On the right hand side of your course’s screen there is a “Settings” block; under Course administration you will find a link to view your Grades for the course you are in.

Reference scriptures that are not included in the memory verse flash card set or are not written out in the course material have been “linked” to the Bible. These linked scriptures will appear in color, and you can click on them to read them at any time. When you are finished, you can click back to your original screen. This should make it easy for you to study the scriptures.


Contact us to cancel a course. In your request, provide your name, address and course to be canceled. No refunds of your fee will be made (See Terms and Conditions of your enrollment).

Please use the following steps to enroll:

  1. Go to and use the drop-down bar and choose your country. Then click on the “continue” button.
  2. Your must have an account.
    1. If you don’t have an existing account on our website:
      1. Click on “Sign-up” to create an account.
      2. Enter your information to create your account; then click in the check-box to accept our terms and conditions (for your account) and click on the “Create Account” button. Your email address will be your login, and remember the password you choose because you will need it to login to your courses.
    2. If you have an existing account on our website, then fill in your existing login information.
  3. Choose the course(s) that you wish to enroll in by clicking in the check-box next to the name, and then click on the “Add to Cart” button.
  4. At this point, you will see your order. Please check it, and make sure that it is correct.
  5. If you wish to make a donation for missions (by credit card), there is a box on this page where you can add it.
  6. If you wish to remove a class from your order, just click in the remove box that is on the line with the course. Then click the “Update Cart” button, and this will remove the course from your order.
  7. Once your order is correct, click on the “Checkout” button.
  8. Then you will be taken to the checkout screen. Make sure that your contact information is correct. Click in the check-box to accept our terms and conditions (for your order).
  9. Make sure you enter all additional information required (including Credit Card) and click on the “Complete Order” button.
  10. You will receive a confirmation email of your order and a welcome email for each course that you enrolled in.
  11. You can either click on the “Login” tab at the top of the next screen or you can go to Enter your email address for the username and the password that you entered earlier, and then click on the “Login” button.

You will now be on the courses homepage, and any courses that you are enrolled in will be listed in bold. Just click on the course name to begin.

Online College

The material on is copyright protected. Please see the copyright statement and Terms and Conditions for more information.

Anyone can enroll in any of the courses that make up the programs Basic Bible Truths and Christian Worker.

In your course, you can reference the King James Bible in the Resources block. You may also access the Bible at

For courses contained in our first two categories, Basic Bible Truths and Christian Worker, the answer is, yes, you may take any of these courses that you wish. Courses contained in our third program, Ordination, may only be taken by students who have completed all of the prerequisite studies and have been accepted into the program.

Once you have successfully passed all courses for the certificate and have completed any additional requirements, you can contact us and request your certificate.

A Certificate of Accomplishment is awarded based on your completion of the requirements for that category. These requirements include your receiving a passing grade for all of your courses. If you wish to review the other requirements please click on the following link.

Ernest Angley’s Online Bible College is not an accredited college. This program is not certified by the board of regents or the state of Ohio. It is operated by Ernest Angley Ministries at 2690 State Road, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223. Our courses consist of Biblical studies and we are seeking to train and ordain people from all over the world.

Each course can be taken on your own schedule. There is no time limit to finish your course.

We suggest that you take the courses in the Basic Bible Truths program before starting courses from the Christian Worker program. This is not a requirement but it is our suggested order for taking courses since the materials contained in the Christian Worker courses build on the fact that you have learned and understood the material covered in the Basic Bible Truths courses. However, you are allowed to take the courses in these two programs in any order that you wish. If there are any prerequisite courses required, they will be noted in the course description. Courses contained in our third program, Ordination, may only be taken by students who have completed all of the prerequisite studies and have been accepted into the program.

Carefully protect this information; it is not to be shared with others. If others use your username and password to take a course, you will not be able to complete your course. You will be locked out of the system.

Certificate of Basic Bible Truths: A student must pass all five courses in this category to receive this certificate.

Certificate of the Christian Worker: Once a student has received their Certificate of Basic Bible Truths, passed all required courses in this category and any of their chosen electives, they must submit an application to the Dean. Once their application is approved they will be awarded this certificate.

Certificate of the Ordained Minister: This certificate is only for those who definitely have the call of God on their life to become a minister of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before starting this program, students must have received both the Certificate of Basic Bible Truths and the Certificate of the Christian Worker. Then they must successfully apply and be accepted to this program and agree to follow a Code of Faith and Conduct. Ordination will depend upon successful completion of these courses and of other special ordination requirements.

A glossary is a list of important terms accompanied with their definitions. In our courses, words included in a glossary will appear highlighted and underlined. On our website glossaries can be site-wide as well as limited to a specific course.

Certificates of Achievement are awarded to students when they complete a course with a passing grade. Certificates of Accomplishment are awarded to students when they complete all of the requirements for a Certificate Program or Category. You can find the requirements for our Certificate Programs/Categories here.

We suggest that you enroll for one course at a time when you are ready to actually start your studies, unless you know that you will have the time to devote to multiple courses at the same time. Courses within a category can usually be taken in any order and started at any time. If there are any prerequisite courses required, they will be noted in the course description.

All reference materials for your course are provided online. There is no additional cost for these materials.

We only use and endorse the King James Version of the Bible. We do not feel that it is good to read any other versions but the King James Version. If you are having trouble understanding the Bible, ask the Lord to anoint your mind and help you to understand His truths.

You may not understand the Bible completely after reading it from the beginning to the end; however, the Holy Spirit will teach us more about the Word as we yield to God in prayer, fasting and reading the Word. John 14:26 tells us that the Holy Ghost will teach you all things. This is one reason why it is so important to be baptized in the Holy Ghost so He can teach a person the Word of God more fully.

All of our course work requires you to use the KJV; if scripture from another version is used, it will be considered incorrect.

Site Navigation

For any lesson, you can click on the small square icon on the far right; and only that lesson will then be visible. This will prevent the other lessons from being visible and will eliminate excessive scrolling; but if you click again, ALL lessons will be listed. You can return to the start position of your current course at any time by simply clicking on your open window course number located on the upper left portion of your browser in the breadcrumbs. A course number example is CW111. When you are on the “Memory Verse Flash Card” page, you will see a “Back to course” link at the bottom of the page. Click on it to return to the main page for the course you are in. If your course has a separate online textbook, you can click on an icon to open the textbook or the reading material for that lesson and it will be opened in another tab or window. Once you have finished reading the material for that lesson, you can just go back to the tab or window with the lesson in it. In the “Study Question” section of your lesson, you will find links on the bottom of the page to navigate to the previous and the next activity. Please do not use these links until you have finished with all of the study questions. Once all remaining activities are finished or submitted, you will find the same links navigate to the previous and the next activity. Also, on your course pages, there is a “Navigation Block” on the left side of the page. For more information on the “Navigation Block” you can look at the following FAQ.

Use the navigation bar at the top left of the page or the button at the very bottom of the course to return to the homepage.

On the left side of a course page, there is a block labeled “My Courses”; and in this block there is a list of the courses that you are registered in. Click on any of these course titles, and you will be taken to that course’s page.

Breadcrumbs appear horizontally across the top left of our web pages, below the headers. They provide links back to each previous page you navigated through to get to the current page or the parent pages of the current one. Breadcrumbs provide a trail for back to the starting or entry point. Our breadcrumbs look like this:

The navigation bar is the row of links you will find at the top left of your webpage and it is sometimes referred to as breadcrumbs.

You have probably clicked on the icon. To reveal all of the other lessons, you need to click on the icon which you will see in the right margin of the currently displayed lesson.

Technical Support

The only add-on or plug-ins used at this time are Adobe Flash and a pdf reader, but this could change as we add more courses. Please check back for updates.

No, we do not offer telephone support. Since this is an online college, our support is provided online thru email. If you have a question concerning your course material you may contact us and we will get back to you during our business hours; so please be aware of time zone differences.

You will need a computer (Mac, PC, or other) with an internet connection and an up-to-date web browser. Also, make sure that your anti-virus software is up to date.

Our glossaries, FAQ’s and some other activities open a new browser tab or window. If you are using a pop-up ad filter, this could prevent the windows needed to display from opening. Adjust your pop-up settings to “allow” all web pages at

Firewalls: Either a software or hardware firewall could be keeping the elements from opening. It could be blocking a needed port or denying your computer from negotiating with our server. Adjust your firewall settings to remedy the problem, but don’t turn your firewall off.

Browser Versions:

  • Mozilla Firefox: We recommend the most recent version of Firefox but version 33 or higher is the minimum for Mac, Windows, and Linux for best results
  • Google Chrome: We recommend the most recent version of Chrome but version 31 or higher is the minimum for Mac, Windows, and Linux for best results
  • Apple Safari: 7.1 or higher for Mac for best results

We also support the following:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: 10 or higher for Windows. If you experience trouble using Internet Explorer, we suggest that you use one of our preferred borwsers of Chrome or Firefox.

Browser Settings:

  • If you are using Internet Explorer 11 you must turn on compatibility mode for our website. Once you have logged in you can:
    • Tap or click the Tools button Tools, and then tap or click Compatibility View settings.
    • Under Add this website, enter the URL of the site you want to add to the list, and then tap or click Add.
  • Make sure that pop-ups are allowed for our site.
  • Enable JavaScript*

Note: JavaScript is NOT the same as Java. We do not require Java.
* Some devices such as Smart Phones and certain tablet PCs with touch screen capabilities may exhibit problems with drag-and-drop features. If you experience problems with such devices, you may wish to use a desktop computer when you need these features.

Your password must consist of 8 characters, including at least 1 letter and 1 number. It may contain the following characters:
@\$=!:., ^&*#%

Remember that your password is case sensitive so make sure you are typing it in exactly the same as you originally entered it.

If you have successfully logged in but nothing happens when you click on certain course activities, you likely have a firewall or pop-up ad filter that is causing the problem. See our section on pop-up ad filters and firewalls.

There could be many reasons, but the most probable is that you have simply forgotten your password, are trying the wrong one or are entering it incorrectly. Some other things to think about include: Does your username or password contain a mixture of upper and lower case letters? It should be entered exactly.

There are several reasons this may happen. You may need to upgrade Adobe Acrobat or turn off any pop-up blockers that are running on your system.


Let’s look at a few simple tips on how to go about answering an essay question. To begin answering an essay question, you should start by reading the question very thoroughly to get a general idea of what the question is about. Next, read the question a second time and carefully make a note of all the action words that tell you what the question is asking you to do. These action words will ask you to do something, such as to: list, explain, identify, compare, contrast, retell, define, discuss, summarize, argue, tell, describe, predict, prove, evaluate, analyze, recall, advise, give an example, use details and etc.

Read the question a third time and be aware that an essay question will often ask you to do more than one thing. An essay question could possibly ask you to list certain information from the course. Next, the question may ask you to explain each listed fact by using details from the course to support your answer. So you can see that this essay question has three things it is asking you to do. The question has asked you to first list facts, next, explain each fact and finally, to use details given in the course to support or proveyour answer.  Now that you understand what you are to do, you may begin to precisely answer all parts of the question. 

After you have answered the question, you need to go back and reread the essay question one more time. Compare your answer to the question. Now, check to make sure that you have answered everything the question has asked you to do. And finally, reread your answer to ensure that you have said what you intended to say. Carefully following these simple steps can help to improve your ability to successfully answer essay questions.

In our courses, we use flashcards to help with scripture memorization. Rev. Angley taught us to put the scripture on one side of the card and the scripture location on the other. Using this method, you can test yourself both ways: if you know the location of the verse or if you know the verse from the location. You can put a booklet together of scriptures and quiz yourself on them. Below are some additional tips.

  • The key is to start by memorizing the first three words and to set them in your mind.
  • Memorize the location of the verse right along with the verse. You will soon find that it’s just as easy to say, “John 1:29, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world,” as it is to say it without the location.
  • Learn the verse, and don’t just get a vague idea of it. If you want to remember verses for many years, you have to let them make a deep, clear and vivid impression on your mind when you learn them.
  • Read the verse over many times, and then see if you can repeat it correctly. Remember to always go back and check it to make sure you are correct.
  • Write the verse down, and you’ll find that it’s just as valuable and helpful as repeating it a dozen times.
  • Review your scriptures often. This is the secret to not only memorizing them but remembering them.


You need to test your internet connection speed to make sure it is sufficient for you to take the courses.

You may change these items at the My Account page.

Upon your initial registration, you will be assigned a username which is your email address. In addition, you will create a password for your account. You can then access the Online Bible College by clicking on Login on the EAOBC web home page and enter your username and password.

If you know your existing password and would like to change it, go to the Change My Password page and click on the link “Click here to change your password”.

To login and access your courses at EAOBC, you can either go to the EAOBC homepage and select the Login tab or you can go directly to the EAOBC course login page. Once you are at the Login page you must type in your Username and Password. You must enter the password you chose when you registered at

Please give the system time to update its enrollment records from your order. If it has been longer than five minutes since you enrolled and you still can’t login, please contact us.

The most common reason this occurs is because your email or internet provider has spam blockers or parental controls in place that are blocking all automated emails. If you have a trash, junk or spam folder, look in it for an EAM Online Store Order email. If you find it, then you can move it back to your inbox and whitelist our site. If it is not there, you should contact your internet or email provider.

While it is possible to access our site using a mobile device, our site is not optimized for mobile browsing at this time. Please check back for any updates.

You may change your email address by going to the My Account page and click on the link “Click here to change your email”.

Please do not use a joint account; only one student may take a course from each account. A Certificate of Accomplishment will only be awarded to one student.

If you forget your password, you can go to the Forgot Password page.

You must first enroll in a course before it becomes available for you to participate in. If you have enrolled and received your confirmation email and still cannot access your course, please contact us.

Make sure your browser and firewall will allow cookies; these are used to keep you logged in. If you don’t allow cookies in your browser or you block communication with your firewall, you won’t stay logged in as you go from page to page.

The best way to bookmark or add the login page as a favorite is to first log in to Ernest Angley’s Online Bible College using your preferred browser (for example Firefox or Chrome) and your account username and password. After that, go to the tool in your browser and set the page as a bookmark or favorite just as you would for any other page. The next time you use this bookmark or favorite, it will take you to the login page.

The website will automatically log out a person who has been inactive for one hundred and twenty minutes. The inactivity is determined by the server. We have found that the server doesn’t recognize entering information into any edit box as activity and will log you out after two hours. The server will recognize selecting the “Save changes”, we recommend that students select the appropriate button periodically when typing in an edit box so the server will recognize their activity. Students can then go back and continue entering information. Taking a quiz can have similar results. You must finish all quizzes and tests in the time allowed.

Yes, you can use the same login for EAOBC that you use for the main ministry website; but you will still have to enroll in any courses you wish to take before you can access them.

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