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A Glorious, Soul–Saving, Miracle Crusade in the Dominican Republic

February 2015

Rev. Angley never takes a missionary journey unless it is God’s will; so we knew we were divinely called to Santiago, a city of just over one million people in the small island country of the Dominican Republic. As the crew of Star Triple Seven, the ministry’s missionary airplane, made final preparations for our flight that chilly September morning, the Lord let us know through Rev. Angley that we were indeed in His divine will. Thus saith the Lord, I have called you. I tell my servant where to go…and you are on the right track…but you have to take time to be with me. Then I can be with you in all freedom and liberty and spirit, and we can have perfect unity. Souls will be drawn to you, and I have given you great favor in that country. Rev. Angley then added, “The Lord will know exactly where to send you, how to direct you and how to work with...

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