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The crusades In South Africa are now over, and truly the fields were ripe for harvest. Many were delivered from the bondages of the devil and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost; and thousands received miracles. Thank you for your prayers of support.

You can still help with the crusades in South Africa by visiting our Donate page and making a donation. You will be investing in thousands of souls. It's wonderful to know that you are holding my hands up to preach the Gospel to the people. You are being used of God to shine the light of the Jesus Gospel upon them.

Yours winning the lost at any cost,

Rev. Ernest Angley

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A Miraculous Holy Ghost Time in Kraaifontein, South Africa

A Miraculous Holy Ghost Time in Kraaifontein, South Africa

June 2017

This was our fifth trip to the Cape Town area of South Africa and our second crusade in the township of Kraaifontein, but the harvest is ripe there; and the Lord keeps drawing us back. Before we took off on Star Triple Seven, the ministry’s God-provided Boeing 747, Rev. Angley announced, “We are on the verge of the greatest outpouring of Heaven that has ever been since man has been on Earth. Be sober-minded and carry the burden for souls. Yield to the Spirit and expect great things to take place.” Then the Holy Spirit took over in such a beautiful way that just before we landed in Cape Town, Rev. Angley said, “We have had the sweetest trip ever, and Jesus was onboard all the way. The Lord manifested Himself to me, and God is pleased.” Ready to Go After a nearly 16-hour flight, we arrived in Cape Town at approximately 9:30am; and by the time we made it...

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