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“Peace Be Still,” Breaks the Bondage

June 1988

See how God poured out miracles in the Kenya crusade, and learn how to have victory over life’s storms with the sermon "Peace Be Still."

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30 Bible Teachings Why You Must Have the Holy Ghost to Make the Rapture

Many people don’t believe that they must receive the Holy Ghost to make the Rapture, but the Word of God tells us that it’s so. Study these Bible scriptures, and you’ll realize why the Holy Ghost Baptism is essential for spiritual victory in every aspect of our lives.

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A Dead Beggar

November 2008

Another look at a popular Bible story offers a greater understanding of hell and its inhabitants.

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A Glorious, Soul–Saving, Miracle Crusade in the Dominican Republic

February 2015

Rev. Angley never takes a missionary journey unless it is God’s will; so we knew we were divinely called to Santiago, a city of just over one million people in the small island country of the Dominican Republic. As the crew of Star Triple Seven, the ministry’s missionary airplane, made...

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A Holy Ghost Time

September 2014

The Holy Ghost has taken center stage during this final hour, and He is doing all He can to prepare the Bride for Christ’s return and to win every lost soul possible.  However, He can only do His work through human beings, so you must know to be a vessel He can use in any way and at any time.

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A Love Victory in Rwanda

June 2009

God ordained this ministry to take His Gospel message to the world; and on a snowy February morning, we were about to take another step in fulfilling that mission. The Ernest Angley Ministry’s missionary airplane, Star Triple Seven, stood ready for the flight to her next...

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A Man Who Wanted the Heart of God

November 1999

Learn about the Old Testament character who asked for the heart of God and discover why it is so important that we have God’s heart today.

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A Miraculous Holy Ghost Time in Kraaifontein, South Africa

June 2017

Our recent missionary journey was described as “one continuous, power-packed service.” Read about how God moved to heal, deliver and set free thousands in Kraaifontein, South Africa.

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A Priest after the Order of Melchisedec

February 2002

This book compares the life of Melchisedec, a righteous priest of God, to the life of Jesus. Readers will learn how to keep themselves consecrated just as Jesus our example did.

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A Promise

December 1992

God has given much in each of His promises; we must analyze them and find they have no lack. This is an inspiring and encouraging book on the promises of God.

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