God is saying the same thing to you today that He said to the Children of Israel: Have no part of the occult; have no part of idol gods; have no part of Satanism, witchcraft or any other works of the devil. Stay away from all of it. God declares in His Book: The secret things belong unto the Lord our God (Deuteronomy 29:29). Many go into the occult because they are looking for the secret, the hidden things, for people who say, I can tell you something. I have information that no one else has, information that will set you above the others. What the occult can tell you isn’t worth knowing, but what God says about the occult is.

Turn ye not unto idols, nor make to yourselves molten gods: I am the Lord your God…neither shall ye use enchantment, nor observe times (Leviticus 19:4,26). Observing times…astrology. Millions have turned back to reach for those very things that caused God to destroy so many of the Israelites, His chosen people. Carefully, God had brought them out of Egypt. He had hoped to deliver them from devil worship, the occult, demonology, the clutches of Lucifer; but many didn’t want deliverance.

God despises witches as much as He despises idols. Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live (Exodus 22:18). Those in the occult today feel they are getting along just fine, thank you; they do not realize their well–being is because of Calvary, because Christ came to hold back the all–out judgments of God for a season. Through His mercy, since Calvary God has not killed witches for their abominations. Had they lived with the Israelites under the Law, it would have been death to them—justice. Justice for witches today in the eyes of God would be death.

Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord (Leviticus 19:28). Think of the cuttings and marks made upon the body today in honor of Satan! Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God (verse 31). Witchcraft, the occult defile.

And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead? To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them (Isaiah 8:19,20).

Spiritualism is forbidden as well. And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a–whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people (Leviticus 20:6).

A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them (Leviticus 20:27). God does not excuse the occult nor those who seek after it. God, remember, did not pardon King Saul’s involvement with a witch; He killed him. So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the Lord, even against the word of the Lord, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it. And enquired not of the Lord: therefore he slew him (I Chronicles 10:13,14a).

We read what the Lord had to say about witchcraft in Micah: And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers: Thy graven images also will I cut off, and thy standing images out of the midst of thee; and thou shalt no more worship the work of thine hands (Micah 5:12,13).

How Does Demon Possession Affect People?

When the devil possesses a soul, that person becomes whatever the demon is. For example, there are murdering devils who desire to kill. They will capitalize on every opportunity to take a person over enough to kill another. You read of hideous crimes and think, “That’s inhuman!” Indeed it is! It’s demonic power. The murderer is operated by a demon or demons. Just as the Holy Spirit controls and possesses a child of God, evil spirits control and possess ungodly people who give completely over to these spirits.

Jesus Christ cast out demons. They brought to him a dumb man possessed with a devil. And when the devil was cast out, the dumb spake (Matthew 9:32,33). Just because a person cannot speak does not necessarily mean that he is demon possessed, but in this case the Bible says he was possessed. He not only had a dumb spirit, but an unclean spirit in his soul. When the demon went out of his soul, the dumb spirit—although not a spirit of the soul—went out also; and he was able to speak.

Again in Matthew 12:22 we read, Then was brought unto him [Jesus] one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw. This man had an unclean spirit along with a blind spirit. Certainly not all blind people have unclean spirits. Some wonderful, godly people are blind and dumb: Their blind and dumb spirits are not unclean spirits of the soul. This man, however, was devil possessed in addition to having a blind spirit and a dumb spirit. When he received salvation, the Lord delivered him from the spirits that bound his eyes and tongue.

A man came into the healing line of a revival service. He had a blind spirit; one eye was out.

“Are you born again?” I asked.

“Yes.” However, he was not; he was devil possessed, and the Lord was going to uncover that devil. The Lord spoke to me, “Ask him if he believes in the blood of Jesus”; and when I did, the demon manifested itself, took the man over and shouted, “NO!” Although the man had claimed to be saved, no one can be saved except through the blood of Jesus. A born–again person would never deny the blood. The Spirit of the Lord cried through me, “Thou foul devil, come out!” The devil came out of his soul; and when it did, the man instantly regained his sight. That was the manifestation of God working against the manifestation of the devil. The Lord had not revealed to me beforehand that the man was devil possessed; He was just telling me what to do step–by–step as He uncovered that devil, letting everyone see what was there.

God will move, forcing the devil to reveal himself when the devil does not want to.

There are times the devil prefers to go unnoticed, and there are special times he desires to manifest himself. He doesn’t want to be uncovered against his will. The devil knows when he is near someone with the power in the gift of God to cast him out, and he’ll be quiet. He normally won’t use the person he is possessing until he feels safe from being cast out.

Delivered from Devil Possession

I have an astounding story to tell you. If it doesn’t shake you, there is not much shake in you. I came in contact with a most unusual family in Jinja, Uganda, East Africa. Just before the service as I was moving to the platform, I was met by a wild boy, fourteen years old, who had to be physically restrained. He was one of those awful cases, jerking this way and that way. People were trying to hold him until his parents could get him prayed for. Night and day they hadn’t been able to do anything with him. The boy was possessed by evil spirits that had taken him over and attached themselves to him when he was only three. From then until he was fourteen, the devils controlled him. I prayed for him, and when I touched him, he came to normal. It was an instant miracle. At that time I didn’t know the story behind it, but I thought it was strange the way his deliverance came. Peace had settled down on him like the sun coming out of a storm. He stopped struggling. No longer did he have that terrible insane look. The father later told me that after I prayed for the boy he immediately changed. No more attacks of the devil. He was doing well. It is marvelous to see him now.

Transformed the Wrong Way

Here’s the story: The father had been a witch doctor. That is one of the reasons my child was under the influence of the spirits, the father said; the devils mastered my life, and they mastered my son’s life. They took possession over the life of my child. The father had once known the Lord, but he backslid, went away from God. The devil told him that he could not live unless he accepted the devils of witchcraft—and he believed it. The devils have power to kill those not protected by the blood of Jesus, and they do kill.

The father went on to tell how he received this power from the devil: When I turned myself over to the devil, he said, I was taken into a round grass hut. Seven witch doctors were around me. They started charming. The witch doctors were dancing, rattling gourds. They actually call up devils that way. This is not make–believe. The witch doctors charm the spirits—the devils—when they want them to come upon themselves in a great way and take them over, or when they want someone killed or manipulated in some manner. The spirits came mightily upon me, he said, upon my head.

This demonic power, these devils had taken him over, possessed him completely.

I became transformed that night. After that, I was taken out to the open air, and the witch doctors sacrificed some goats. I returned to the hut. Later I was taken out again in the cold hours of the morning to a pool or stream of water to bathe. After sacrificing more goats, I had to carry parts of their organs on my head back to the pool. This was to signify that the spirits agreed that I should be working along with the witch doctors.

Remember, this man had backslidden from God. That’s the reason the devils were able to take possession of him. Jesus warned people of the danger of devil possession, of the state a person is in who goes away from God. When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation (Matthew 12:43–45).

The devils can be cast out of a person, but if the person does not take Jesus into his heart and soul, the devils will return. Without Jesus, the soul is empty no matter what man puts in it. As far as the devils are concerned, the house is not furnished. The devils had gone out of the father years ago when he found Jesus, but when he went away from God he was taken over by the devils in a greater way. His story fits right into this scripture in Matthew. The devil took full possession of him.

Sacrificed to the Devil

After a period of time, he continued, the spirits demanded that I sacrifice my daughter that I loved most. She was five years old, and the most beautiful child we had. They demanded that I sacrifice her so they could use me in a greater way. I was promised more power if I would sacrifice my daughter to the devil. The devil always wants the best. I handed my daughter over to the spirits. The witch doctors knew how to handle her. They took all her blood, put it into a pot, dried it, then crushed it into powder and put it into different medicines.

After sacrificing my daughter I went through another process. I met the witch doctors; they slaughtered a goat. The spirits, or devils, came upon me mightily, and I ran out of the hut. I received a greater evil anointing. When the spirits came mightily upon me, I received more power from the devil. I delighted in it. I had no feeling of remorse about my daughter at that time.

When the devil takes over a person, he has the mind as well. That’s the reason he can lead people to kill or be killed in different ways, accidents or whatever. Those who give themselves over to the devil can charm the spirits to come to them in a great way to do the work they want done. Those really taken over by the devil will kill, make any sacrifice to please the devil.

The father now was like the devil himself—and he had loved his daughter so much. Now he was without feeling in whatever he did. All he wanted was to please the devil and get more power from him.

His wife, who had received salvation during this time, hadn’t agreed to the sacrifice; and she left him, saying she would not live with a witch doctor. She knew what he was in, and she held on to God—one thing, I’m sure, that finally brought him back to God. Think about that poor mother, the sorrow, the heartache knowing her daughter was sacrificed to the devil!

People Were Knocked Down

The father continues his story: I ran out of the hut not knowing where I was going. I was cast to the ground by the spirits. Then the witch doctors brought me blood mingled with human flesh. After that, I was taken back almost unconscious to the hut. For some time I stayed in the hut. I had a greater evil anointing. The witch doctors took me to the market place. I was dirty, filthy.

The witch doctors don’t bathe. They are unkempt. They let their beards grow; their hair becomes long and matted. Blood on their bodies is mixed with whatever. The devil seeks to degrade the body that was made in the image of God. Every repulsive thing he can do to degrade the body, he does. In the sixties the hippies gave over to the devil, not caring how they looked or smelled. They wouldn’t clean up. This man was dirty, hair matted, half naked; there was no cleanliness about him. He was taken to the market place so that the devils could manifest themselves, so that people could see that he was really a witch doctor. I started dancing, he said. The spirits mightily came upon me. The spirits started knocking down the people all around me.

Everything that falls is not of God. In a Kitwe, Zambia, Central Africa crusade we saw this manifestation of devil possession as people were cast to the ground through the power of the devil. Now the father is telling how people were knocked to the ground around him through the power of the devil. The Bible says, Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God (I John 4:1).

The father goes on, I thought it was wonderful to have such power over people. Later some Christians told me that I needed to get back to God. I said, “What! Anything your great God can do, I can do with the spirits. I can knock people down. I know things about people, can tell them their thoughts.”

Another Human Sacrifice

About a year after sacrificing my daughter, the spirits told me that I should sacrifice one of my best friends. I charmed the spirits to come upon my friend and it put him in a mad state, took over his mind. His mind was controlled by the devil so the witch doctors could take him wherever they wanted him.

When the devil came to the father, telling him to offer one of his best friends for a sacrifice, did he hesitate? No. This is the reason people fear the witch doctors so in Africa. Preachers have been afraid to do anything about the witch doctors in their congregations. They know the witch doctors have the power to have people killed by different means. However, when people live holy and come into the knowledge of the truth, the devil cannot put a spell on them; those who are born again do not have to be afraid.

I wanted to know how this former witch doctor felt when he reached out for a child of God. He said he couldn’t do anything with a real child of God. If the heart is covered with the divine blood of Jesus, if the person is really born again, the devil can’t touch that one. When the devil reaches out for the blood–washed, he has to back off. There is nothing he can do. He has no power over them, can put no curse on them at all.

Thousands Started After Me

In Kitwe, the influence of witchcraft was so strong that in one service thousands rose up together and started after me. Boldly I stood up in the confidence of the blood; and when those thousands started after me, I threw up my hand, and the Lord let them see the blood. As I held up my hand it was a blood hand to them. The devil is afraid of the blood of Jesus. A blood voice cried out against those coming toward me, the voice of the Holy Spirit, of Jesus Christ of Nazareth commanding them to go back and sit down. I said that all the witch doctors together couldn’t put a spell on me because I am a child of God, covered with His divine blood. Those thousands went back and sat down. To bring that many thousands under control by God working through one person should show you that you have nothing to fear, nothing to worry about when you live pure and clean before God and use the blood of Jesus.

However, if you are in sin, evil people can put a spell of demonic power on you and direct you. You will obey them just as though you were hypnotized. You go where they are drawing you. That’s the way witch doctors kill people in accidents, the way they have people commit suicide. The mind is taken over by the devils. The devil makes slaves out of people.

The Devil Had Complete Control

After my friend was killed, the father went on, we took his blood and put pieces of his flesh in it and I drank it, the blood and the flesh of my own good friend. I didn’t feel anything. The devil made me proud, made me think that I had done a wonderful thing in handing over my daughter and my friend. He was so pleased that he gave me more power when I gave what had been closest to my heart. People came to me for all kinds of advice. I knew their thoughts; I knew about their lives, and I would tell them these things.

He could make a woman who had left her husband come back whether she wanted to or not if the husband did what he was told. The devil would take over the wife, take her mind no matter where she was if she were not a child of God. She would have to obey. That’s the way the devil joins people together. People would come to him wanting the devils to kill someone. He didn’t know how many he had had killed in automobile accidents or whatever. In that area, people are not arrested for being witch doctors.

The devil had complete control of the father. He told me that one time a number of soldiers came after him for a matter other than witchcraft. They knew him, had him surrounded; but the devil transformed him, disguised him so that he walked right through them and they never saw him, never recognized him.

Witchcraft is widespread and accepted by many; it instills great fear. People are afraid not to do everything the witch doctors tell them to do. If they find a neighbor dead, they assume the witch doctor killed that one.

Separate the Spirits

Through the Spirit of discerning I know these stories are true. That’s the reason the Bride must have a great spirit of discerning in this last hour, saith the Lord. She will have to be able to separate the Spirit of God from the spirit of the devil and the spirit of self.

In the divine visitation over forty years ago when He gave me the gift of discerning of spirits, the Lord told me that I must know the Spirit of God, the spirit of man and the spirit of the devil and be able to separate them.

The first time the Lord brought the devil to me was when He was teaching me the gift of discerning. He began by showing me angels coming in the distance, appearing as a tiny bit of light no bigger than the end of my little finger. The light would come toward me growing larger and larger until the angels took on form, and I would look into their faces. It was a blessed time.

Then one day I saw an unusual angel. I had never seen one like this; it was a different kind. I was completely absorbed. The light of this angel as it came toward me was dazzling. How many jewels would it have taken to make a person dazzle like that! When this light got very close to me, the Lord stripped off the dazzle, and there I was, eye to eye with the devil himself. I was completely astonished—but I wasn’t afraid. I knew God was with me, and I knew He totally possessed me and was living with me day and night. I was startled because I had expected to see an angel.

The devil can appear as an angel of light. We read in II Corinthians 11:14, For Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. I had seen it for myself. Because the devil can disguise himself so beautifully, he is able to deceive people who think they are getting visions from God when the visions are from the devil. Man didn’t teach me this; God did.

I had been reared in a sheltered home where the Word and the love of God were honored. To me the devil was what made a person tell a little white lie. I then had no idea of the extent of his deceit and power, knew nothing about the devil having people killed—and probably would not have believed it had I been told. I had heard about different missionaries on the foreign fields becoming mental cases or suffering nervous breakdowns. It was because they didn’t live like they should before God and keep in with the blood of Jesus, saith the Lord. That’s the reason there was a takeover by the devil. I know of one missionary who said that a person could even see the spirits in the trees at night, especially the eyes that gleamed like fire. But through the blood of Jesus you must take authority over them; use the blood of Jesus on them. Some Christians have not learned how to use the blood, and the devil aggravates them to death.

Satan Punishes His Workers

I studied the father carefully because I wanted to know if the devil could give false happiness to someone so possessed. He found no happiness or delight in his children. I’m sure at one time he would have sacrificed every one of them had the devil told him to. He said, Happiness? There isn’t any; none at all. Never one happy moment. All you do is seek to please the devil. There is no happiness in the kind of anger the demons bring. They are not happy. The devil is organized; he has his workers punished if they do not do what he says. He punishes the witch doctors if they don’t do what he says, too. They have to obey him. They are under his complete control. The devil says to kill this one or kill that one and they have to do it. Tell this person this or that. It’s destruction, destruction, destruction.

The father continues: One day when I came to my senses, I thought, “How long am I going to continue this way? How long am I going to sacrifice human beings like my daughter and friend to the devil? I might be called on to sacrifice another child.” I had had no feeling, but now I felt sorrow coming into my heart. The best way to get rid of that, the devil told me, is to commit suicide.

The devil knew God was moving to deliver this father, and the devil wanted him to destroy himself before that deliverance could take place.

God Intervened

The father planned his suicide: The devil really put pressure on me to commit suicide by hanging. I went to the store, bought a rope. Then I looked for a suitable tree where it was quiet. I couldn’t find a place like that. I went home restless, unable to sleep. All I could think about was killing myself. In the early morning about six o’clock, a mighty power came from above. It was the power of God. I recognized this power. I had lived in the power of the devil and used it long enough to know the difference. A voice came: “My son, do yourself no harm. I am the Savior.” I fell upon my knees and prayed and cried bitterly to God for about two hours. The neighbors thought the spirits were mightily upon me, so they didn’t disturb me at all. After that, the Lord said I was to fast for three days. Without coming out of my house or leaving my bed, I did fast. After three days the Lord visited me early in the morning, again about six o’clock. He told me to rise and go to His servant who would tell me what to do. I walked about a mile and a half and suddenly I found myself in the home of a pastor. The pastor pointed at me and said, “You’re the very person the Lord told me three days ago would come.” He led me through the prayer of repentance and told me that the Lord is faithful, just and kind and would forgive any sin. I was delivered, set free.

This is how God works. God is greater than all the powers of the devil. When the father yielded to God, the devil himself couldn’t hold on to him. His wife is back with him now; he has his family together, and he has gone on to preach the Gospel. That’s what God can do. We don’t have to be afraid of the devil.

This couple has suffered much over the sacrifice of their child to the devil. They will never get over it; all the days of their lives that horror will live with them. I sacrificed my daughter, and it can’t be undone. But because she was so young, we know she is with the Lord. He and his wife can meet her one day. That’s the beauty of God.

It was during the time when the father had death spells put on people who wouldn’t obey him that his young son was taken over by the devils. He wasn’t told to sacrifice his son, for the devils that possessed the son, no doubt, had plans to make him a witch doctor, too. When the devils came mightily upon that boy, no one could do anything with him but hold him. Now peace is in that home: The son is free after eleven years of devil possession. Never had the child remembered what it was to be happy or what it was like for his mind to operate right. But now he knows.

Devils Flee from the Blood of Jesus

In many different ways the devil has counterfeited the gifts of God. The father told me that the book The Deceit of Lucifer is right on. He said that the book even helped him—and he had been a witch doctor for fourteen years! It tells how the devil starts his takeover with little things. I was grateful he told me that, grateful that the Lord had made it possible for him to get that book.

This man experienced all the things the Lord taught me about the devil. Do you wonder why God is sending me to the places of devil possession where there are witch doctors? He’s sending me with His deliverance. The devils flee from the blood of Jesus.

In Livingstone, Zambia, Central Africa, two witch doctors came to investigate the power that works in my services; they came because they wanted a stronger power. They found a stronger power all right, but it was the power of the blood of Jesus, power that defeats all the powers of the devil, and they left in a hurry. The Lord told me to go on the platform crying, The blood of Jesus! The blood of Jesus! The blood of Jesus! The blood of Jesus! I don’t know how many more witch doctors were there, or how many more left. I wasn’t bothered with witch doctors; they were fleeing before the power of God. The power of God is wonderful! There is nothing like the miracle–working blood power of God. In a Zimbabwe crusade, three witch doctors were numbered and delivered through that blood power: one of 5,000 devils, one of 7,000 devils and one of 10,000 devils.

I don’t think I have ever been more aware of the blood, the use and power of the blood than I am now. I must get the books on the blood out to the preachers and laymen who have to face witch doctors and the effects of witchcraft in their congregations. They don’t have to live in fear. The devil can’t kill them when they are covered with the blood, can’t harm them. But if they don’t have the real power of God in the blood, they had better not try to cast out devils.

A Visit from the Witchcraft Devil

The morning after I interviewed the father, the witchcraft devil came after me. I was leaving the dining room of the hotel, talking to the workers, when I saw something rush by like a black rat. My Lord! I thought. A black rat! Then suddenly the devil of witchcraft was in the air. I could see him just like I could see my hand. He was buzzing around me, big with black thorns sticking out all around him. He was ferocious looking. I’ve never seen anything like it. He darted here and there. I kept on talking. I’m accustomed to seeing devils. They come to disturb even when people are reading the Word of God and fasting. But they are outside and can’t get in. I have learned to ignore the devils and to go on doing what I am doing. I am covered with the blood, and I don’t have to fuss with them. Jesus taught us to use the Word of God to write off the devil.

Devils Flee from the Blood

I got on the elevator to go to my room, and the witchcraft devil got on with me. I went into my suite and he went in with me, too. I wasn’t afraid, but I could hear him buzzing. I was in devil country! The Spirit of God came upon me and I said, “You can’t do me harm! I’m not afraid of you. In the name of Jesus, through the blood of Jesus I bring you under subjection!” I held up my hand; it was like my whole hand was the blood of Jesus. It drew him; he had to come. I had never seen anything like it. When I moved my hand, it brought him in as though something were attached to him. He couldn’t get away. Now he was right under my hand. I was looking at him. This devil of witchcraft would move every time I moved my hand. The blood of Jesus was what that devil saw, and he wouldn’t let me touch him. I moved my hand down, and this devil moved down. I took him right down to the carpet. Did he vanish under the carpet? No; he stayed on top of the carpet for a second, and then he began to melt. Gradually he melted into that carpet. I stomped on the spot. The Lord said we would trample devils underfoot, and I thought the time was right to do just that. I stomped in the name of Jesus. In a little while, he started buzzing again. I looked over at him and said, “You’re a conquered foe. You’re conquered!” Then I started singing about the blood of Jesus, and I forgot all about him until about two or three hours later. I looked around for him, but he was nowhere to be seen. He had to go; the blood had conquered him. That big devil of witchcraft had no choice but to obey the blood power. It was one of the oddest experiences I have ever had.

Years ago the Lord had told me that when the devils were working in my services to sing “There’s Power in the Blood.” If anyone came in devil possessed who didn’t want to be delivered, I would sing “Power in the Blood.” The blood brings devils under subjection, makes them unable to manifest themselves.

Snake Demons

The witchcraft devil works in strange ways and has affected many of the African people down through the years. Through fear, witchcraft has held people in bondage. Those who are under the bondage of witchcraft as well as the witch doctors all need to be delivered.

In Kitwe I saw those demons of witchcraft running through the people like snakes. I looked at them, snakes about fifteen or twenty feet long moving through the congregation, heads together and not breaking rank. Those who didn’t have the blood, who weren’t right with God were knocked over right and left.

Your Only Safety

Through the blood of Jesus we have to take charge of the demonic spirits that come against us; the blood has power over them. People must be set free. No more has been done in the nations when it comes to deliverance because people have not used the blood power of deliverance. The Lord is sending us into these places, and we are reaping a greater harvest in a matter of minutes than missionaries have reaped in years. You must have the power of God; you must know that through the blood of Jesus you have authority over the devil. The Bride will know it; she will be able to trample the devils underfoot just like I trampled that one in my room. The blood of Jesus brings devils under subjection: Devil, I subject you to the blood of Jesus! I rob you of your power in the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus you are helpless! The blood delivers. The moment the power from above came upon the witch doctor, remember, he knew it was the power of God.

The blood of Jesus and the Word of God are your only safety. Our safety as a nation is Lord God Almighty, the blood of Jesus and the Word of God. When these things are taken away, protection is taken away. Our nation is in sad shape now, and it isn’t going to get any better because so much of God has been taken away. The senseless killings that occur in different places are demonology in action, people giving themselves over to the devil. The demons, the spirits, take over minds, and the people obey the devil like mechanical robots, doing whatever he wants them to do. All too often they can’t help themselves. If the spirits can take over the human mind like that and be so destructive, think how much more the Holy Spirit can take over minds and work through them for the glory of God. Know how greatly the Lord God Almighty will use the Bride in this last hour.

Jesus said, All things are possible to him that believeth (Mark 9:23). Only believe—that’s blood believing, not just believing with the human spirit. The blood, the blood delivers. By speaking the blood with all faith you render the devil helpless.

Voodoo Mixed with Christianity

When I was in Haiti for a crusade, a big devil passed through my room, but he didn’t stop. In the form of a man, he floated right on through. It was during that time that God was using me to deliver people from voodooism. A well known church organization there incorporates voodoo influences in their religion. Voodoo paintings decorate the walls of one church in Port–au–Prince. They honor the devil and pretend to honor God, too. All kinds of hideous crimes go on because people have given over to the devil. That’s what the devil will do when he can get people to obey his will. People kill their own darling children. They give over to the devil and have no love for them; they are without feeling.

In the crusade, God took me over and the gift of discerning began working—thousands of people were there. God told me how one woman had killed her twin babies, how and where they were buried. I pointed in that woman’s direction and a shrill scream went up that almost froze the blood. It frightened people, and then God began to tell people their crimes to their faces.

In Livingstone, Zambia, too, the Lord began to tell people what they had done, what had happened. One pastor had even gone to a witch doctor for a spell to draw another preacher’s members into his congregation. The devil had the place. But God did a work, and He will do a work wherever we go. When people found out that God knew everything, that God had all power—stronger power than the devil—that they could have the blood of Jesus, they yielded. We must stay true to God. Nothing of our own power will deliver; it takes the power of Jesus’ blood.

Learn to Use the Blood

You are going to have to learn, saith the Lord, to use the blood. And you are going to have to live so you can use the blood. If you don’t use the blood, you will be tormented. You who are tormented in your minds, the blood will take care of that, saith the Lord.

Years ago the Lord told me that the battles of the mind would be the worst battles for God’s people in the final hour. Now that hour is here. You can be tormented in your mind, confused, upset by all kinds of spirits from the devil, all kinds of leeches if you don’t live in the blood of Jesus, walk in the blood and use the blood. If you don’t live in and walk in the blood, you can’t use it, saith the Lord. You don’t have to be tormented in the mind by anything. All you have to do is to know that the blood works. Throw up those blood hands in the name of Jesus. If you have the blood in your soul, it’s on your hands. The Lord told us to lift up holy hands.

What makes anything holy in the eyes of God? The blood. You must be blood controlled or you will be controlled by self. When self is in control, people become arrogant, angry, unreasonable; but a blood mind can be reasoned with. Never forget it. God gave me this: A blood mind can be reasoned with. If your mind is unreasonable, you are not using the blood of Jesus for the mind. You have to use the blood for the mind as well as for the soul. You can have pure joy and happiness by using the blood.

Lift up the blood hands, and the devil is defeated. Stand up and be counted. Never allow the devil to worry you silly. That’s what he likes to do. Let him know he is not going to steal your joy, that every day you please God is a perfect day for you no matter what happens. That’s the way it will be with the Bride.

You Must Have the Blood in Your Soul!

If you have one particle of sin in you, one speck of deceit in your soul, the blood isn’t there. Heaven won’t be yours unless you let the blood come into your heart. It will come, but you have to want it. If you don’t have that divine blood in your soul, let me pray with you now. Oh, God, I have sinned against you. Forgive me, Lord! I’m so sorry! But I have come home, and I’m going to serve you, Lord, the rest of my life. I believe in the blood of Jesus, and I know there is all power in the blood to wash away all my sins. Come on in, Jesus! Come into my heart!

If you meant that prayer, if you really accepted the blood, the Lord has moved in. Thank God for the blood of Jesus, our greatest possession! One day, if you remain true to that blood, you will walk down the avenue of glory and kneel before the great throne of God, thanking Him for the blood of His only begotten Son that made it possible for you to be there.

Yea, saith the Spirit of the Lord: I have given my servant the light of the blood. I have taught him the blood so that he could teach you and other inhabitants of the Earth. I am sending him forth with my blood, carrying my blood to deliver the people, and they are being delivered. Multitudes, multitudes that the human mind will never be able to number will be delivered, saith the Lord.

Yield to my blood. When you yield to my blood, you yield to my love. If you don’t yield to my blood, you don’t yield to my love.

Yield to my faith. When you yield to my blood, you’ll yield to my faith, but until you yield to my blood, saith the Lord, you cannot yield to my faith. Many disobey me because they are not yielded to the blood. Many, many let self control them because they won’t yield to my divine blood.

My divine blood will make every believer an overcomer. Every believer will be an overcomer through divine blood, saith the Lord. If you don’t use my blood for your mind, you will not have my joy, you will not have my peace; and some of you don’t have my peace and joy because you don’t use the blood for your mind. When you don’t use the blood, you live in self and the enemy is able to rob you of all the blessings that I send to you. I will give you peace, and you can’t keep it. I will give you love, and you can’t keep it. I give you faith, and you can’t use it.

And so, thus saith the Lord, don’t let the devil rob you. Don’t let the devil rob you. Rise up with the divine blood of your Lord and bring the devil under subjection, and you will have peace, peace. Some of you are so tormented, and it grieves my Holy Spirit. I seek through my Spirit to help and deliver each one, to give peace to each mind. Until you get my peace in your mind, I cannot use you with my greatness; I cannot use you with my greatness, and I want my greatness to be upon you so that you will be my instruments of greatness in this last hour. The Bride will be great because she will be covered with divine blood at all times, and no power will defeat her because of the blood, the blood, the blood, saith the Lord.

Use the divine blood; it belongs to you; it’s your great possession. Hallelujah in the name of Jesus!

God Is the Healer

You who are sick and afflicted, God has gifted me with His gifts, His power for healing. I’m just His humble servant, a vessel of clay. I’m not the healer; the Lord is the healer. All the honor, all the glory go to Him. Lord, I bring the sick and afflicted to you. I bring the cancer victims, the heart patients, the crippled, those suffering with AIDS. I bring the little deformed children, the little blind babies for deliverance. I bring them in your faith. I bring them, Lord, in your love, the love in the divine blood of Jesus, the healing blood, the healing power. In the name of Jesus, from your gift of miracles, from your gifts of healing it comes: Heal! Heal! in the holy name of the Lord, in the mighty name of Jesus.

The healing power is flowing. If you have believed, that power is going into you or your child. Watch it work. Through the blood of Jesus, His healing power is your possession. Realize that the power is there for you to claim in the blood name of Jesus.

Use the blood; it is sufficient. A blood fountain has been opened; bring whatever you need to that fountain—your mind, your soul and make sure you’re cleansed and are everything God wants you to be. Use the blood and no power can defeat you. Use the blood and you will be an overcomer in everything; use it night and day. Don’t look to self; look to the blood. There’s power, deliverance in the blood. Thank God for the blood, your safety, your power over self and all the powers of the enemy. Cry unto the Lord and let Him know from now on you are using the shed blood of Jesus. Pray through divine blood; fast through divine blood; study God’s Word through divine blood. Remember, the blood of Jesus is our greatest weapon over sin and sickness. It is a must that we use the divine blood that Jesus brought from Heaven.