Landing in Suriname on a Monday, we were warmly greeted by a colorful crowd of people who made us feel very welcome. Not only did they present Reverend Angley with a beautiful tropical bouquet, but because Suriname is so very hot, they also thoughtfully gave us all bottles of cold water. It was a delightful reception.

We were loaded into buses, and a police escort, lights flashing, sirens blaring, whisked us to our hotel at a snappy pace. After meeting up with our luggage in the hotel, we settled in for a week of taking the living Word of God to people on the streets, in the hospitals, prisons, and schools, and inviting them to the crusade.

The conference room at the hotel was packed for the ministers’ seminar on Thursday, and long double and triple lines of people waited outside.

“This will be a blood crusade,” Reverend Angley told those inside. “If you don’t see miracles and healings the very first night of the crusade, don’t come back.”

Reverend Angley taught the ministers from the manuscript of one of his forthcoming books, this one on living free from sin. “The promise of eternal life is not yours until you meet the condition of living free of sin,” said Reverend Angley. “Romans 6 is the greatest chapter against sin in the Bible.”

The man of God gave many other scriptures on living sin free, and at the close of the service, the Spirit of discerning took over and revealed miracles and healings that were taking place.

Remember the long lines of people standing outside unable to get in? After Reverend Angley closed the service, he went outside to minister to those hundreds still there after three hours. He spoke to them, prayed for them and gave them two free books, The Deceit of Lucifer and The Reality of the Blood, volume 2. They were thrilled that the evangelist would come out in that hot sun to not only take the time to pray with them, but to give them books. Construction workers across the street saw what was going on and came over to join the crowd. They wanted books, too, and got them.

Friday’s Service

Great expectation hung in the air Friday night, the first crusade service in Suriname. People seemed to be everywhere; the crowd was huge. Even in canoes and boats, people had come up river from the jungle to a place they were able to catch our chartered buses waiting to take them to the crusade.

Reverend Angley, filled with the anointing and the power of the Holy Ghost, came on the platform telling people this would be a divine blood crusade. The glorious blood message, Heaven’s great love message, the message of all messages that honors Jesus would soon go forth.

“Give the Lord your undivided attention,” said Reverend Angley. “You’re in the cloud of His presence.”

The Lord had already started taking the man of God into visions. “There is nothing great about me,” said Reverend Angley. “I never start ministering to the sick until the angel of the Lord stands by my side. He talks to me, tells me where the miracles are taking place. He will tell me different things about people who are being healed so they will know they are the one the Lord is dealing with.

“Many, many angels are already here, and many people will be touched by an angel tonight, saith the Lord. If you believe the man of God and the Holy Scriptures, you will be healed. With his [blood] stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53:5).”

The Cathedral Trio sang “By Faith I Can Touch Him Now,” and then the Spirit of discerning went into operation: “This person has had AIDS for three years,” said the preacher. “Your last name starts with J, and your mother’s middle initial also is J. You came in faith believing. Three people among your kin have already died with AIDS. Three more are close to death with AIDS. One is a youngster, three years old. The doctor gives just a few months for that baby to live. But thus saith the Lord, you’re healed of AIDS and your baby is healed of AIDS.

“A person over here is forty–seven years old. You’ve been married twice. Your first companion died of AIDS. You have lost a daddy and you’ve also lost a child; they died with AIDS. You have AIDS and three months to live. You will not die; you will live, saith the Lord. You are healed.

“There is a person,” Reverend Angley pointed out, “you’re a granddaddy, seventy–nine years old. You’ve lost three loved ones with AIDS already. You have two dear, dear grandchildren, a boy and a girl, and you love them greatly. You have been looking forward to the man of God coming. You came on business to meet God tonight. You have now met Him, and you have the miracle you came for. The children are healed.”

The pointing out continued. “In the bleachers is a person: Your last name starts with D. You’re twenty–one years old. The doctors have told you that you will die, and you have already lived longer than the period of time they told you because thus saith the Lord, He spared you for this night. You are a backslider; you received a wonderful experience of salvation when you were just fourteen years old. You must give your heart back to God right now.” To the crowd, Reverend Angley instructed: “Every hand raised so no one will know who that person is as we all say the sinners’ prayer.”

“Thus saith the Lord, ten more people will be healed of AIDS while The Cathedral Trio is singing, and as faith mounts up, more and more will be healed of AIDS. Get ready for your miracles,” continued Reverend Angley, “you must not doubt God. The Lord works only through His faith and His divine obedience.”

God Moved for Different Diseases

“The person over here: You came in with cancer,” said Reverend Angley. “The Lord healed you during the song. You don’t have cancer anymore, dear Lady. The doctors were going to take your breast off; they won’t take it off, but be sure you tell them you must have another X–ray. When they find out there is no more cancer, let them know that the Lord did it. He must have the glory.”

Lungs were healed, heart conditions, tumors, knees, nervous conditions, eye conditions.

“The angel by my side directs me,” Reverend Angley said. “He tells what the angels are about to do as they move into this congregation. Angels are standing all through the congregation now; we’re connected with Heaven, Children. This is the Jesus ministry, this is not an Ernest Angley ministry; I just represent Him.

“There will be many devils cast out during these services,” the man of God told the crowd. “The God of miracles lives. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Feel the thrill of His presence as I feel it, and let Him heal you all over.”

The Sermon: God Did It!

“I act out what God has said,” Reverend Angley told the huge crowd. “I preach God’s Word with no compromise, and He confirms His Word in wonderful ways. Years ago the Church started out that way. And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following (Mark 16:20). The Word increased, multiplied, prevailed over all evil spirits, over all sicknesses and diseases. God did it! So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed (Acts 19:20).

God did it! will be the cry days after I’m gone. Ernest Angley didn’t do any of it; God did it.”

Reverend Angley touched on many wonderful things that God has done and is still doing. And at the close of the sermon came the prayer for salvation, and then the healing line.

The Healing Line

During the healing line, the faith of the people in the audience drew Reverend Angley to them through the gift of discerning. A liver condition was healed, then a person with a liver and bowel condition. A person with both a liver and a heart condition was healed. A person with inner ear trouble had it no more. “God is moving,” said the man of God, “take anything you need. A person over there: You had sugar diabetes. You’re healed!” And three more people were pointed out for diabetes.

A husband had brought AIDS into his home; the wife and her three children now had AIDS, but his wife was told: God is healing you and your three children tonight, saith the Lord. “However, your husband will die of AIDS unless he repents,” said the man of God. “He has sinned against his marriage; he has sinned against the God that made him. Don’t live with him anymore until he’s healed and gets the good report from the doctor, or you’ll have AIDS again.” It was a tragic story, an innocent woman and her children afflicted just because of a careless, sinful, don’t–care, alcoholic husband.

The discerning continued: Six hundred seventy–four people were having terrible mind battles, even awful nightmares. You are healed, saith the Lord.

“Two thousand five hundred seventy–one people,” called out the man of God, “your feet and knees give you trouble. You people are healed. Miracles are in abundance, faith is running high.

“Seven hundred ninety–one came in here with a stomach condition,” said Reverend Angley. “Two hundred three of you, it was ulcerated stomach; 114 were born with weak nerves in your stomach. You’re healed, saith the Lord. Faith in God heals the sick. You’re believing and you’re releasing faith,” the preacher told the crowd.

Fourteen hundred fifty–seven people had a skin condition that no doctors were able to cure. For a number of them it was psoriasis. In ten days time your skin will be clear, saith the Lord. “You’re healed.”

Seventeen hundred sixty–seven people had allergies. Some were allergic to so many things that the doctors couldn’t help. “You’re now healed,” said Reverend Angley. “Faith in God did it. Get well in the name of Jesus, but you must give Him all the glory; He’s the one who touched you; He’s the one who paid the price. Jesus came to bring you abundant life.”

Ten thousand nineteen people had high blood pressure and the doctors had not been able to conquer it for them, but it was conquered now. Their faith had gone up, and they were now healed, saith the Lord.

“Who did it?” Reverend Angley asked the crowd. And the crowd roared back: “JESUS!”

Reverend Angley prayed over the whole congregation, and then while the trio sang, he went to the invalid section to pray for the invalids. “Lord, let everyone carry the grace of God away from here with miracles and healings for whatever they need. All the glory goes to you.” And the preacher encouraged everyone to try to get all the alcoholics and drug addicts there the next night. He knew in advance God would be moving for them.

Saturday Night’s Service

Reverend Angley opened the service Saturday night stressing the importance of the divine blood. “The blood of Jesus,” he said, “heals all diseases. God is already beginning to move. Already the angel of the Lord has moved in and is giving miracles. The angel of the Lord said there would be seven healed of AIDS. One is in the invalid section. Nine diabetics will be cured completely, as well as ten people with severe heart trouble. Your hearts will be re–created, saith the Lord. Eleven will get a lung miracle.”

As The Cathedral Trio sang “There’s Still Time for a Miracle,” the miracles took place. The Lord had done it. Many other AIDS miracles were called out, hearts were re–created, and diabetics were cured. Nervous systems came to normal, more AIDS miracles were called out, growths and cancers were healed.

A person who had injured the spine in an automobile accident over three years ago was told, “You could not lift more than five pounds. You’re now healed and you can lift whatever. Your miracle is sound and complete, saith the Lord.

“The Lord wants each one of you in His Heaven,” continued the man of God. “Jesus made it possible for you to have the passport to that eternal country. Give yourself to the Lord tonight. The Lord is dealing. Two thousand seventeen people are under conviction right now. The Lord is ready to take you into the Kingdom. Every hand lifted, every child of God help me say the sinners’ prayer. Over 2,000 are about to come into the Kingdom.”

Made Whole All Over

“Miracles and healings are taking place everywhere now! Take a miracle, take a healing,” cried the man of God. “If you need a miracle, stand up and praise God for it. Jesus the Healer is here with healing in His wings. People are now being made whole, saith the Lord. They’re being made whole all over. Thirty–five have been made completely whole,” rejoiced the man of God. “Praise the name of the Lord! Everyone honor Jesus Christ. These things are done in His name. The Lord is in this place!”

Swallowed Up!

The Word of God had free course. Many angels held back the power of the enemy, and we were surrounded by the fire of the Holy Ghost. In the sermon Swallowed Up, Reverend Angley talked of the signs and miracles that were performed through the fire of God in such power that God couldn’t help but be glorified. “The Bible has all the love, strength, grace, power, and promises of God that we need,” said Reverend Angley. “Great, great miracles are recorded in both Old and New Testaments. Tonight for the sermon I go to the Old Testament to the words God gave Moses: Exodus 4:17: And thou shalt take this rod in thine hand, wherewith thou shalt do signs.

“The Lord said, ’Moses, go to Egypt before Pharaoh and give him my message: I–Am that I–Am sent you, and you, Pharaoh, are to let my people go.’” Moses began to excuse himself.

“I’m slow of speech,” he said.

“Who made your tongue, Moses?” The Lord would have given Moses fluent speech, but Moses objected.

“What’s in your hand, Moses?”

“It’s just a rod.”

“Throw it down, Moses.” Moses threw it down and the rod turned into a snake. Moses ran. I would have, too. I’m afraid of snakes.

“Pick it up, Moses.” Moses picked it up by the tail and, behold, it was his rod again.

“Thrust your hand inside your bosom, Moses. Now pull it out.” When Moses pulled it out the hand was leprous.

“Put your hand back in, Moses.” When he did and then pulled it out, there was no leprosy.

“Moses, go, take your rod, and when you use it, there will be signs, wonders, miracles and healings. I will send your brother Aaron with you to Pharaoh to speak for you.

“It was a bad bargain Moses made, for later sister Miriam came in as well as Aaron. That brother and sister gave Moses trouble.

“Moses now is standing before Pharaoh. Moses had been away from Egypt a long time, forty years. He doesn’t know how strongly the devil is working through the magicians and sorcerers using the arts and darknesses of the devil. Moses threw down his rod; it became a serpent. Pharaoh had confidence that his magicians could do that as well—and they did. They threw down their rods, and their rods became serpents. Moses was startled. Then Moses’ serpent–rod swallowed up the serpent–rods of the magicians.

“Tonight,” said Reverend Angley, “I bring you two words: Swallowed Up! When Moses raised the rod of truth, miracles took place. I raise the rod of truth and miracles take place. The rod of truth swallows up all sin, all witchcraft, all sorceries, everything like the devil. All fanaticism is swallowed up by the truth. Jesus said, And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32). What a rod of truth we have! When people use it in love, in righteousness, in holiness and in the divine faith of God, miracles, healings take place. Souls are won; people come to the Lord. It’s precious, indeed, to use this rod of truth!

“Use this rod and walk without fear,” encouraged the man of God. “The Bible throbs with Be not afraid! Jesus told His disciples to let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid (John 14:27). The Lord doesn’t want us to be afraid. Some of you are afraid of wizards, witchcraft, devils, voodoo. They can’t do a thing to you when you have the rod of truth and the blood of Jesus in your soul. Don’t fear them; the rod of truth renders them helpless. It was proven in Moses’ time.

“The magicians, the sorcerers, the wizards brought forth different plagues, but the devil can go just so far until God stops him in his tracks,” said Reverend Angley. “The truth swallows him up, swallows up his evil works.

“Moses lifted the rod and lice came on Pharaoh and his kingdom. The sorcerers couldn’t stand before it. Pharaoh, they cried, this is the finger of God! They could not bring the lice; they couldn’t bring any more plagues. They had come to a stopping place.

“Tonight,” said Reverend Angley, “many who are on drugs, alcohol will be set free; you will come to a stopping place with your habit. God has gifted me with the power to set them free. They’re in the bondage of darkness. Many of them will die with AIDS if they aren’t set free tonight. If they accept the truth, those devils will go out of them. The devils that bind them will be swallowed up with truth.”

The Stopping Place

“To His servant, God will number the devils in the alcoholics and drug addicts. Through the power of God,” said the preacher, “I’m able to look inside people, into their souls and actually see the devils that bind them. They’re hideous. Then to see them swallowed up through the divine blood is wonderful!

“You who are on drugs or alcohol, if you believe me to be the servant of God and that God has gifted me to deliver you, get up, start this way and line up. Don’t be ashamed to come; be ashamed not to come. This is your chance for life. If you give your heart to God tonight and serve Him, you who have AIDS, heart trouble or whatever will be healed. This is your hour of Jubilee! God moved on me to give you a chance; hurry on down.

“All the miracles and healings,” said the preacher, “belong to God. He has given me power over the devils that bind the people seeking to destroy their lives completely. People will get a resurrection through the power of Jesus tonight and become new creatures. The devils will flee. But let me warn you: God told me to tell the people that they must honor Him. When these devils go out, they will be seeking another place to take over. And if you mock what the Holy Spirit is doing, they will go right into you. I’m not responsible.”

The first stage full of alcoholics and drug addicts was lined up.

“You here on the stage: Do you believe me to be a man of God?” asked the preacher. “Do you believe God has given me power over those devils that bind you, over those death diseases that are working in your bodies? Do you believe this is the power of God, that when I touch you the devils have to go? Will you decide not to fight against the power of God? Are you going to give your life over to Jesus tonight? If so, the devils will be going out.

“I never feel greater power than I do when the Lord is casting out devils,” said Reverend Angley. “They go out in wads, not by ones and twos, but in wads. They have to go out,” Reverend Angley told the people on the platform, “and you’ll never be the same; with divine blood deliverance you have a chance at real life, a new life.

“Lord, you’re here; this is done in the name of Jesus.” Then the power fell: “Come out, thou foul devils!” cried the man of God as he went down the lines praying for the people.

A number of times the stage was filled and refilled with people to be delivered. One hundred sixty–one alcoholics and drug addicts were prayed for that night and slain in the Spirit. They said the sinners’ prayer, and only one rebelled. “He,” said Reverend Angley, “probably blasphemed against the Holy Spirit.

“If the person wants the devils out,” Reverend Angley explained, “when I pray for him or her, they have to go; but not everyone wants them out. Some love the power of the devil; people have free choice. Once a person is delivered and falls back into sin, the devils will return with more devils to bind the person again.”

After the people on the platform were delivered of devil–possession, they said the sinners’ prayer, and then Reverend Angley prayed for their healing. Some had death working in their bodies. “God sent me to deliver you,” said the man of God. “I curse the foul spirits of death, casting those spirits out of your bodies so you can take on good health. Get well in the all–powerful name of Jesus!”

The people were now the property of the Lord, and the seal of divine blood was upon their souls. The devil had no legal right to them; they were free. Praise God for freedom!

This was a great night of deliverance. Jesus said that in His name believers would cast out devils, and in His name it was being done. Deliverance was all through the blood.

Thousands Were Healed

People were prayed for in the healing line, and then mass miracles took place in the audience for mind battles, blindness, blood conditions, AIDS and diabetes. Thousands were healed.

“The Lord is moving now. Stand up,” Reverend Angley told the crowd. “Lift up your hands before God. You saw the Lord healing people, the alcoholics slain in the Spirit and delivered, the mass miracles in the crowd. Now God’s anointing is coming on you. Feel the holy sacredness of it. Cover your face, your eyes and see Jesus. Think Jesus. Take everything you need, every miracle you need. I command you to be made well all over in the name of Jesus.” The people lifted their hands and received gladly. “Carry this anointing to your home,” said Reverend Angley, “and anoint your home with divine blood.”

Reverend Angley prayed for those in the invalid section and as the service drew to a close people were reluctant to leave. Seeing God do the unthinkable had taken them into the realm of the miraculous. What greater things the Lord would do the next night was a wonder they would have to ponder.

Sunday’s Service

Sunday night, once again Reverend Angley came onto the platform in the power of the blood, the divine blood of Jesus. “This is a Holy Ghost night,” Reverend Angley told the crowd, “and I’m expecting thousands to receive Him tonight. Many were delivered from AIDS last night, but they must sin no longer if they expect to keep their miracles. We’re moving into more mass miracles, getting ready for the greatness of God, for the downpour of His greatness. Over twenty–five hundred years ago Joel the prophet prophesied that this would be. In the last days, saith the Lord, I will pour my Spirit upon all flesh. That means all the obedient, all the honest–hearted people who want God will receive the pouring out of this rain filled with miracles, healings and deliverances. Get ready to receive all you need from Heaven; we are in touch. I give you the message that Jesus gave the people: If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth (Mark 9:23). Only believe.”

Sunday’s Sermon: The Fire of the Holy Ghost

“In Matthew 3:11 we find the words of John the Baptist: I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire.

“The Holy Ghost is not an option. Receiving the Holy Ghost is a commandment of Jesus Christ. And, being assembled together with them, [Jesus] commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, which, saith he, ye have heard of me. For John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence (Acts 1:4,5).

“Jesus told the disciples He would send them another Comforter, another besides Himself. And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you (John 14:16,17). The Holy Ghost will teach you all truth; He is the Spirit of truth, your Comforter to guide you through your life on Earth.

“The Bible declares that He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions (Psalm 107:20). The Lord has sent His Word to you tonight,” said the man of God. “Thousands are here looking to the One on His throne who made us. At the Father’s right hand is His Son Jesus making intercession for this service right now. And thus saith the Lord, the miracles have already started. The Lord is in this place.

“It’s wonderful when that pillar of fire comes into my services,” said the man of God. “It came in the first night I stood on this platform. Over to my right the pillar of fire came rolling in; I was so pleased. Then it began to unroll and take over the sky above you. We had many miracles that night.

“I’ve asked the Lord to send that pillar of fire tonight to cover the whole sky the way He’s done before. When that happens the devil doesn’t have a chance; the devils are moved aside, people are in the very hand of God, and miracles take place. It’s God’s power, His greatness, His Word in action. Before you can have the Holy Ghost, you must be born of the Spirit of God. You have to be forgiven of all your sins. Everyone stand up, lift your hands and say the sinners’ prayer with me. Some don’t need to say it, but say it with me to help others say it.”

Oh, God, have mercy upon my sinful soul. I have sinned against you. I am so sorry. I confess my sins, and I’m sorry, Lord, that I sinned against you. But I believe there’s power in the blood of Jesus to wash away all my sins. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!

Faith Came Rolling in Like Ocean Waves

“In the Upper Room the people were continually praising God. The Holy Ghost comes in on a happy, praising heart, a heart with the life of Jesus in it, a soul covered with the divine blood. Take a word of praise,” said Reverend Angley, “and praise the Lord with that word until the Holy Ghost comes in. Don’t think about one word and then another word. One word will help you to keep your mind on Heaven.

“The fire of the Holy Ghost is all around us now, moving in more and more. I’m able to see the fire and I want you to see the results of it. Lift up your hands as I call the Holy Spirit upon you, and don’t stop praising the Lord until the Holy Ghost speaks through you. Everyone, praise the Lord, think Jesus.

“I call the Holy Ghost down,” said the preacher, “that great anointing from Heaven! People are beginning to receive, saith the Lord. The Holy Ghost, the real Holy Ghost, is falling like it did in Bible days. This is that that Joel the prophet said would be poured out. You can be baptized; let the Holy Ghost come in with His Holy Ghost fire! When you take the Holy Ghost in, you take the miracle–worker.”

And in one mind, one accord the crowd seemed to be caught up in another world as the power rained down and baptized more in the Holy Ghost; it was the same Spirit that those in the Upper Room received on the Day of Pentecost.

Reverend Angley said that the faith of the people there that night was the greatest he had ever seen. Faith came rolling in like ocean waves. And the waves of miracle power didn’t cease. The man of God said he had never been in a service where faith was any stronger. Faith once delivered to the saints was operating, and the reality of the Holy Spirit was in complete control.

Five hundred seventy–six people had been healed of AIDS since Reverend Angley started calling the Holy Ghost down, saith the Lord, and this was just the beginning.

One hundred forty–one had been healed of cancer.

Seven hundred forty–three were healed of a nerve condition.

Nine hundred forty–seven were healed of muscles that draw and give much trouble and pain.

Eleven hundred ninety–nine were healed of a heart condition.

Fourteen hundred seventy–six people had difficulty breathing. No more, no more.

Fifteen hundred ninety–six were healed of asthma. It’s gone; healed by the power of God.

“Twenty–one hundred people came in with a back condition,” said Reverend Angley. “You now have a good back. Some of you were victims of accidents. In the invalid section, twenty of you, your back has been healed.

“Fourteen in the invalid section: no more AIDS. Some are babies, and they’re healed. God’s a good God!

“Twenty–nine hundred people came in here with a skin condition. Many had doctored and doctored for it; there is no cure. Some had skin that was discoloring. You’re now healed, saith the Lord. This time next week, saith the Lord, your skin will be clear.

“One thousand seven hundred forty people have been told by doctors that they are going to die. You are now healed, and you’re going to live, saith the Lord. God is showing His great love. Man has done all he can,” said the man of God, “and God has stepped in. If people will look to God when man has done all he can, God takes over. Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me (Jeremiah 32:27)?”

More people were being healed of AIDS. Their faith was rising high now. “Over eleven hundred fifteen more have been healed of AIDS,” said the man of God. “Children are being healed, little ones who are not even here. The Lord is laying a hand on them. Loved ones had to leave them behind, but the Lord is healing them, saith the Lord. People are pulling for loved ones tonight.

“These are the miracles of God,” rejoiced Reverend Angley. “People can’t do these things. Man cannot create or re–create.

“There’s a man, you have two children with AIDS. You have a grandchild who has already died with AIDS and another one close to death. The Lord is healing them all right now through your obedience and your faith. They are healed.

“This is a grandmother,” continued the preacher. “You’re seventy–three and your middle initial starts with J. Your husband died of AIDS. Your two sons died of AIDS. A granddaughter is left and because your son’s wife also died with AIDS, you took the baby in. She has AIDS. The doctors have told you she doesn’t have much longer to live, and it has broken your heart. God has seen your condition, and when you get to that little one, she will be healed of AIDS. She will live; she won’t die, saith the Lord.

“A person over here: You are an aunt. You have nieces and nephews on your side of the family and on your husband’s side of the family. You have seen them die, and others are afflicted. You and your husband are Christians,” said the man of God. “One on your side of the family that you love very much is dying, and your husband has a favorite nephew that the doctors have said can’t live over six more months. It’s good you’re here tonight because you’ve pulled Heaven down, and they are both healed of AIDS. They will not die.

“The Lord is so mindful,” praised the preacher. “He reveals so much; I can never tell you all that God is doing. He’s moving for more and more. Seventeen over on this side came in with diabetes. Some of you were wondering why is the Lord dealing just with AIDS. The Lord has already healed you and you don’t know it. You didn’t have AIDS, you had diabetes. The Lord has healed seventeen from a heart condition; five would have heart surgery in the next two weeks, and two would have died. But the Lord has healed the seventeen; they won’t need surgery. They’re healed by the hand of God.”

The sky was covered with the fire of the Holy Ghost. We were closed in with the Lord like no other night before. It was as though we were on a protected oasis shut away with the Lord as His love came rolling into the hearts of thousands of people. Most had never been shut in with God like this. The Lord lets the preacher see His power, and many in the crowd were feeling it as we were in the cloud of His presence. Life, life everywhere appeared to the preacher in a vision of gorgeous colors and beautiful palm trees while the miracles were taking place on the platform and in the crowd.

After a number of people received prayer in the healing line, it was revealed that 4,623 miracles had taken place in the last short while. Two thousand five hundred were death diseases. You’re now healed, saith the Lord. The Lord kept performing miracles, amazing the people. Faith was running higher than ever, Heaven high, and the preacher could hardly wait to go from one miracle to the next to tell the people what God was doing.

One hundred forty–four people had left someone behind who was dying with AIDS. “You don’t know whether or not they will be alive when you get back home,” said the preacher. “The enemy has tried to frighten you out of coming here and leaving that loved one behind, saith the Lord. Your loved ones are healed; all of them are healed, saith the Lord.”

It was a mass miracle for loved ones left at home suffering with different diseases, especially AIDS. That night was the greatest miracle healing service of the ministry so far!

A person way over left his wife at home with cancer. She had only three months to live. “When you get home,” said Reverend Angley, “you’ll find your wife is healed. She will tell you that she got her miracle this night and started eating without any pain.”

As the miracles rolled in like ocean waves, one right after another, the Lord let the people feel the heartbeat of Jesus’ love and miracle power. Reverend Angley said he had never stood before so many thousands who used this kind of faith. The laypeople accepted the blood word, and the love of God moved into their hearts as more miracles took place than the mind could take in.

As the service drew to a close, Reverend Angley prayed for all the babies and children there, injected blood power and healing, and then all the pastors helping with the crusade came to the platform for an anointing of miracle power to carry on the work of the Lord.

We left Suriname the next day, but we will never forget that nation. The glow of remembrance of all God had done in this last and final hour comes back to us again and again. Suriname is indeed an unusual nation, bringing to mind what the Word of God says about the nations: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left (Matthew 25:32,33). I pray that Suriname be counted as one of the sheep nations that stand by the right hand of God and embrace His miracle greatness with His great love and the power of the Holy Ghost. To be on the left hand of God is to be cast into His devastating judgment, and who can survive such horror? The judgment of God is a fearsome thing.

Bow low in His presence, thank Him for the latter–rain downpour of miracle greatness in Suriname. All the honor and glory go to our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.