See the Miracles of God

Jesus said this about His believers: They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover (Mark 16:18). Healing is the children’s bread. If you are serving God the Father in sincerity and free from all sin, then receive your miracle. Watch these miracles and testimonies, and let it build your faith!

This man asked and received a miracle for good sight in his left eye.

Witness a miracle of re-creative power as God performs masterful surgery.

A woman who lost hearing in her right ear received her miracle during a Cape Town crusade service.

A woman suffering neck pain from a car accident realizes just how fast God can move.

Whether serious or just a bother, God is willing and able to heal all our afflictions.

This woman accepted all that God had to offer her, making her whole all over.

God can do what man cannot, as evidenced by this woman's miracle.

After a lifetime without a sense of smell, a lady in the Rwanda Crusade received her miracle for the sense of smell.

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