Miracle and Healing Prayer with Rev. Ernest Angley

Do you need a miracle or healing?

You can have a miracle; you can have a healing today. Untold multitudes have been healed as they put their hand against mine on the screen. You can have your deliverance. This is just a point of contact. I am not a healer; Jesus is the Healer. He said a believer would lay hands on the sick and they would get well. I am God's believer, endowed with His precious gifts to bring healing to the people.

Or you can agree with Reverend Angley as he prays this prayer for you: Lord, I bring the sick and afflicted to you today: the cancer victims, the heart patients, those with diabetes and all manner of sicknesses and diseases, the little ones that are afflicted. Heal in the holy, all-powerful name of Jesus! Heal, in the blood name of Jesus! And we know, Jesus, with your blood stripes they're being healed right now. Heal! Heal, I pray! Amen and amen.

That power went into your body; just watch all improvements daily and get well.

God bless you,
Ernest Angley

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