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God’s Great Anointing Poured Down in Cape Town, South Africa

June 2013

A bitterly cold week of wind and snow gave way to bright, winter sunshine as we boarded our God-given missionary airplane, Star Triple Seven, for Cape Town, South Africa. It was as if the light of God was already shining on our mission, and the Lord Himself confirmed it as He spoke through Rev. Angley just before takeoff: Thus saith the Lord, I am indeed sending you on a divine mission. You must be in one mind and one accord; nothing less will get the work done for me. You must be just like Jesus was when He was on Earth and do the work that He did. You would be totally amazed to know how many people are marked for you to win; but you must win them my way, saith the Lord. That short message gave us much to think about as we settled in for the long flight that would take us halfway around the world to souls who were waiting for us to arrive. After nearly 20 hours in the air, the sun and...

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