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The Gospel Spread Like Fire in a Windstorm in Cape Town, South Africa

The Gospel Spread Like Fire in a Windstorm in Cape Town, South Africa

June 2014

Snow was falling hard, and the roads were treacherous as we headed for the airport to begin our journey to Cape Town, South Africa…but it was all a part of God’s plan. Our takeoff was delayed because of the weather; but as we waited on board Star Triple Seven—the missionary airplane God so graciously provided to this worldwide outreach ministry—the Lord used Rev. Angley to deliver a very special message that we would not have received had our departure been on time. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). “We are on our way after the devil,” Rev. Angley proclaimed. “We have him on the run, so we don’t have to worry about anything; and we don’t have time to listen to anything he has to say. The end–time children of God are the...

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Crusade Summary

Rev. Angley and a group of nearly 80 of us, his ministry members, have just recently returned from conducting a mighty crusade in Cape Town, South Africa. Every day was filled with so many miracles from above for soul, mind and body that just before we returned home, Rev. Angley reported, “This was the greatest crusade we have ever had in the depths of the power and the love and the greatness of God! It was fantastic, and the miracle power is going to get even greater!”
As we waited to take off on board Star Triple Seven—the missionary airplane God so graciously provided to this ministry—the Lord used Rev. Angley to give us three key thoughts that set the tone for the entire journey. First, he said, “Thus saith the Lord, you have to enlarge your vision.”  Second, he told us we would find souls waiting for us. “Thus saith the Lord, they are waiting to hear…You must tell them that Jesus is coming real soon and that they must hurry because they don’t have long.” The Lord’s final words were, “This [the Gospel] will spread like a great fire in a windstorm, saith the Lord.”

Our efforts were concentrated in Elsies River; and that area of Cape Town is known as a haven for gangs, drugs and violent crimes; but God’s power is greater than the power of Satan. The Lord’s divine light penetrated that darkness, and our vision did indeed broaden during this amazing journey as we encountered the waiting souls the Lord has told us about from the day we arrived in Cape Town.

Our tour members were leading people to the Lord right on the streets and wherever we went, and so many were eager to hear the truth just as the Lord had said they would be. Many schools welcomed us with open arms, and we were able to share the Gospel with the students classroom by classroom. In just two weeks, we touched over 20,000 young souls with God’s love; and they will never be able to get away from that love.
We took God’s salvation and miracle truth to hospitals, orphanages and clinics as well as to homes for the abused, the elderly and those with special needs. Our two associate pastors who travelled with us took hope and deliverance to the inmates in Pallsmoor, one of South Africa’s largest and most dangerous prisons, where honest hearts were completely transformed.

The miracles in the crusade services were above and beyond anything we had ever witnessed before. Every person Rev. Angley prayed for in the nightly healing lines received a miracle, and there were more immediate and visible miracles in the invalid section than in any previous crusade service.  The people were hungry for the power of God and for His pure truth; and they openly embraced His signs, wonders and miracles.

God drew those who were steeped in witchcraft and bound with demons; and each night after Rev. Angley left the platform, he would minister to those tortured individuals. We witnessed some of the most severe cases of devil possession we had ever seen, but the power in the divine blood of Jesus set the people completely free!

God has said that in the last days, His miracle power will flow like mighty rivers; and those days are here. We have many more missionary journeys ahead because the end is near, and the harvest of souls must be brought in; and God is sending us forth with His anointing to win them.

Debbie DeRonde

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