Salvation Prayer with Rev. Ernest Angley

Oh sinner, come to Jesus! Backslider, come to Jesus!

You that are on drugs or alcohol, you that use tobacco in any form: you can be set free by the mighty power that's in the name of Jesus. Lift your hand and mean this prayer, and God will hear. You'll be saved right there where you are. Untold multitudes have been saved this very way.

Or, say the sinners’ prayer now:

Say, Oh God, save my soul. I’m so sorry that I have sinned against you, but I have come home. I will serve you, Lord, the rest of my life. Deliver me from all my sinful habits. Set me free! I do believe Jesus died on Calvary for me, and I believe in His blood, that there is power in His blood to wash away all my sins, all my sins! Say, Come into my heart, Jesus; come on in, Jesus. Come on in!

If you meant it, He has come. If you meant it, Jesus is yours. Start reading your Bible, pray daily and believe that somebody’s listening; His name is Jesus. Bible fasting will help you, too. If you have any special prayer requests, feel free to contact me and I will help you pray. Look to Jesus, hold to His unchanging hand and one day heaven will be yours.

God bless you,
Ernest Angley

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