Do you have a doubt about God, about His moving, answering prayer, loving you, trusting in you, about the full assurance and sufficiency that He has for you? If so, do this: Have faith in God. And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them (Mark 11:22–24). Having faith in God is really having the faith of God. It takes the faith of God to have faith in God. Jesus was telling the disciples that they could have the faith of God.

Divine faith is a gift. For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God (Ephesians 2:8). Human faith is not going to do all that needs to be done. Because of using human faith and not divine faith, Christians have not had many prayers answered. Untold multitudes of prayers are answered when divine faith, the sixth spiritual sense, is used.

We have five physical senses, and then the Lord gives us six spiritual senses with the sixth sense being divine faith to go with divine love. To use the things of divinity, you must go into divinity. Christ used divine faith when He was here. Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me. And I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me (John 11:41,42). Why did Jesus believe the Father always heard Him? Because He used the faith of God, not human faith to reach the Father. Every time Jesus talked to the Father, He talked to Him through divine faith, through divine love, and that is your privilege, too. Learn about the six spiritual senses God has provided to go with the five physical senses.

Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace

Jesus tells us what great things will be done through divine faith. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them (Mark 11:23,24).

The reason some of you are hemmed in with mountains of sickness, affliction, unhappiness, fear, frustration and despair is that you’ve not been using divine faith the way you should.

If you are in doubt about God, do this: Talk God talk, not human talk; the Word is God talk. Talk the promises of God; repeat what God has said and it will give you strength. You can receive whatsoever you desire when you pray with the six spiritual senses because then you pray in the divine will of God. With the six spiritual senses you never pray in the permissible will of God. Praying in the physical senses, not the divine senses, you are not using the faith you need for that prayer to be answered. The physical senses are weak outside Eden.

For thousands of years man has struggled to hold on to God for prayers to be answered. Few prayers, however, were answered, comparatively speaking, either before the Law was given or under the Law. But under grace we have the liberty to come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need (Hebrews 4:16).

Where Is Your Faith?

The Lord asked His disciples a profound question one day: Where is you faith? Now it came to pass on a certain day, that he [Jesus] went into a ship with his disciples: and he said unto them, Let us go over unto the other side of the lake. And they launched forth. But as they sailed he fell asleep: and there came down a storm of wind on the lake; and they were filled with water, and were in jeopardy. And they came to him, and awoke him, saying, Master, master, we perish. Then he arose, and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water: and they ceased, and there was a calm. And he said unto them, Where is your faith? And they being afraid wondered, saying one to another, What manner of man is this! for he commandeth even the winds and water, and they obey him (Luke 8:22–25). Using divine faith, Jesus conquered the storm for the disciples. Pointedly He asked them why they didn’t use faith. They could have calmed the storm had they used the divine faith He gave them as a gift. He wanted them to use it.

Again and again the Lord is saying to us when the storm is raging: Where is your faith? You may think the Lord has forgotten you, that He has let you down, but you’ve let yourself down when you don’t do what God has told you to do.

To the ruler of the synagogue Jesus said, Be not afraid, only believe (Mark 5:36). “Only believe,” was Jesus’ theme. All you have to do is believe. How can you believe for the miracle? Through the six divine spiritual blood senses, God’s faith straight from Heaven is for you to use. Never will you come up lacking when you use God’s faith; God is just as big as His faith, as big as His love. You don’t have to be troubled: Just don’t doubt God.

God Knows What You Need

In the spirit of most Christians grows a weed of doubt concerning God. They don’t want to admit it, but it’s there. The Lord said not to think you would receive anything from Him if you doubt. What does doubt do? It hinders, hinders, hinders. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord (James 1:6,7).

And seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind. For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you (Luke 12:29–31). How sad to have a doubtful mind! The sinners’ world is filled with doubt. What do they seek? Material things. God can deliver material things, but He wants you to worship Him in spirit and in truth, to serve Him in righteousness and holiness every day of your life. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (Matthew 6:33).

The hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him (John 4:23). God said, Be ye holy; for I am holy (I Peter 1:16). In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus taught: Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect (Matthew 5:48). That’s what the Lord wants.

Be Fully Persuaded

Do you seek the kingdom of supply, grace and power, the kingdom of blood? Jesus said, Seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened (Matthew 7:7,8). Isn’t that wonderful! Doesn’t that stagger the imagination? Are you with me, or have I lost you in your doubt, in your fear? Are you still out in the dark, or are you going by the light of God’s blood faith?

The Bible tells us that Abraham staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform (Romans 4:20,21). Are you somewhat persuaded or fully persuaded? There’s a difference: When you’re fully persuaded you have no room for doubt.

Have you made room for doubt? If so, do this: Say what God’s Word is saying. Get away from opinions. Don’t repeat what people say; stop talking after them.

When you were a baby you learned to talk by listening to people. Now learn to talk by listening to God’s voice. In Eden, because Adam and Eve learned from God, they spoke the perfect love language. But we didn’t learn our language from God. My parents, trying to put a lot of God into my speech, had a struggle sometimes, but they kept working at it.

Abraham was fully persuaded that what God had promised, He was able to perform. If you merely give mental assent to that, when the devil or a human being bumps you a little bit, you fail. Mental assent isn’t enough. You need more: the pure faith of God.

Never Doubt God

Preacher, can I be free of doubt? Certainly. When you’re full of God there’s no room for doubt, for you’re full of blood faith, Heaven’s faith, and Heaven’s love. Through the blood that stained the Old Rugged Cross, you’re full of His power of resistance to doubt; you’re full of grace, and His grace is sufficient. My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness (II Corinthians 12:9).

What’s your excuse for not receiving? What about that prayer that didn’t get answered, a prayer that was God’s divine will to have answered for you? The devil said the answer wasn’t for you, but it was for you all the time. Did you know when you found salvation that salvation had been available to you all those years? You had to feel the need of salvation before you reached out for it, and you had to get rid of the doubt.

Lord, I believe you’ll save me. When? I don’t know, Lord, but I believe you’ll save me. You had to come to that place you could tell God that you believed He would save you that very moment, and then it happened. However, if you didn’t believe right then, it didn’t happen. You had to push all the doubt out of the way, let the Spirit help you to believe. You were fully persuaded or you didn’t get saved; it’s just like that. I fully believed I was saved. Why? Because God said so. I was taught the Bible in my home, and God said I could be saved.

You may doubt people, you may doubt yourself, but never doubt God. Because they didn’t doubt God, my parents would get out the faith Book, read what God said, and that settled it. Dad never looked up after he read the Bible and said, “Now children, God might do this.” No, God said it, and Dad was positive about what God said. No doubt, no fear was in him. He took what God said and acted on it.

God Brings His Word to Pass

God said, I am the LORD: I will speak, and the word that I shall speak shall come to pass (Ezekiel 12:25).

We find in Isaiah some wonderful Words of God. My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure…yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it (Isaiah 46:10,11). Is God doing all His pleasure in you? If not, it’s because there’s doubt, fear or whatever in your past that blocks Him from doing all He pleases to do.

I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it. Do you find any doubt there? Do you ever find doubt in the Word of God, in God talk? In the talk of others, in your own speech, you find doubt, but not in the Word of God. Get rid of the doubt; clean it all out of you. Cleanse yourself through the Word; the Word has all power.

Enoch pleased God and the Lord took him to Heaven. By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God (Hebrews 11:5). It’s a known fact that you can please God. Enoch lived before the Law was given, and the Lord took great pleasure in him; he pleased God.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away (Matthew 24:35). The Bible declares that God keeps His promises, so there’s no room for you to doubt. Doesn’t the Word say if you confess your sins and believe, that He will save you? Of course it does: If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (I John 1:9). Why cling to that boulder of doubt? It will sink you, take you right down. Walk the waters of salvation with the faith of God under you, keeping you on top.

Blood Salvation

Salvation has greater power than most people realize. Man’s idea of salvation is pathetically weak. God’s salvation is not like that. God’s salvation is the strongest power imaginable because it’s blood power; Heaven has no stronger power than salvation blood power. That salvation blood power drove all the spirit of the devil right out of us, cleansed us and prepared us for the Holy Ghost to move in. It’s wonderful to have such power, salvation blood power.

Many people come up lacking because they don’t have the salvation blood power they need; they have a little doubt mixed in with it. If you have doubt it weakens you, weakens your position. The devil knows when you’re weak, knows where that weak spot is. The devil will torment you about your salvation if he can find a tiny speck of doubt.

Why would you doubt your true salvation? You’re doubting the Bible, doubting thus saith the Lord.

God spoke your salvation ahead of time; it’s yours. He didn’t give you one speck of doubt with it, so why let any doubt creep in? Doubting your salvation keeps it from working like it should; that’s the reason some have a hard time trying to walk this Christian walk. The Christian walk is not that hard when you take thus saith the Lord.

The disciples proved both paths: walking without using thus saith the Lord, and walking with thus saith the Lord. Before the Crucifixion they walked most of the time without thus saith the Lord. Simon was weak in that point; when calamity came, when he got in a close place, he didn’t use thus saith the Lord.

The Bible tells us: Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it (I Thessalonians 5:24). Why in this world would you ever think anything less than the fact that God is absolutely faithful in all His ways? Faithful is the one who called you to salvation and saved you. Faithful is He, so why have doubt? Nothing human had anything to do with your sins being washed away; it was all divinity.

Listen to What the Spirit Is Saying

He’s the great God of the universe; see Him in that role. He spoke and it was done. He spoke this universe into existence, hung it upon nothing. Think about that. The great God we serve simply spoke the moon and stars into existence—isn’t that amazing! Why don’t you believe it’s done when He speaks to you? He spoke salvation to you; were you delivered? I was. He spoke healing to me and I was delivered; I was set absolutely free, and He reminded me later that He had healed me all over. Oh, I trust in Him!

Put all your trust in Jesus today. If you’re in doubt about God, do this: Go to the Word. Don’t go to people and ask them about God; the devil might cause them to say anything. They may be in a pit of doubt and fear, just as discouraged as you are. You’re in bad enough shape, so go where there is help; the Word of God is helping ground. Listen to what the Spirit is saying; keep those ears open to Him. That’s faith talk, and faith in God will do the work. God’s faith will never let you down.

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us–ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance (II Peter 3:9). Were the Lord not longsuffering, tender and kind, He would have run off and left all of us a long time ago, no exceptions. But He is longsuffering and He doesn’t give up on us; He just keeps working. For anyone to be without salvation is not in His will.

Why would anyone want doubt mixed in with salvation? It’s frightening to just hope you’re on your way to Heaven. If you doubt your salvation, doubt your passport, doubt whether you will get through the gate of Glory, you live in fear. Stop doubting.

I thought everybody doubted. No, every child of God doesn’t doubt his or her salvation. I don’t doubt my salvation. Why should I? It’s real, and it’s been real since I was eighteen. I don’t doubt the blood of Jesus, and to doubt my salvation I’d have to doubt the blood. It’s the blood that washes away sins. If you didn’t make your confession through the blood, you didn’t receive God’s salvation. Why should you ever doubt the blood? To deny the divine blood of Jesus is to deny Jesus completely. When you deny the divine blood, you have no Savior, no redemption, no passport to Glory.

The Lord Chooses the Perfect Way for Us

As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him (Psalm 18:30). How are you going to improve on perfection? God’s salvation is perfect; His baptism in the Holy Ghost is perfect; His divine will for each one of us is perfect. Every path the Lord chooses for us is a perfect path. Why doubt that which is perfect? You’re surrounded by the perfect Word of God, the perfect plan of God, the perfect walk of God through Jesus Christ His Son.

Jesus became very man to show us how to walk. When you come to the Lord, you have to learn a new walk because you didn’t learn the right walk in the first place. When you were little, your feet seemed to have a mind of their own. Mama turned her head, and those feet ran the other way. Mama had to bring them back to the right path; then she’d turn her head again and off those feet would go on another path. But now you are old enough to listen to the direction of the Lord, and the mind of the Lord can take control over your mind as you yield it to Him. It’s damaging to doubt God.

But Preacher, I can’t help it. Maybe you can’t, but divine faith can. You’re using the wrong kind of faith—yours. Your faith is weak because it’s human. Throw it out the window; get rid of it or set it in the corner, but don’t use it. Use divine faith, Heaven’s faith; it has no imperfections, and it always works with divine love.

Divine Faith Heals

Physical healing as well comes from divinity. Faith in God heals the sick. Use God’s divine faith, and you’ll be healed. Divine faith is the kind of faith the Lord brought to me the night He made me whole. I’d been nigh unto death; I had given up on myself thinking for sure I was going to die. Then the Lord came and healed me in a moment of time. It just takes one moment for God to perform a miracle, to make you whole all over. Because He healed me when all seemed lost, I don’t give up on hopeless cases.

If you are in doubt that God will heal you today go to the sixteenth chapter of Mark. These signs shall follow them that believe…they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover (Mark 16:17,18). When a believer lays hands on you, the Lord said He would get you well. Are you going to doubt that? If you doubt the words of the Lord, you’re in trouble.

Preacher, I want you to pray for me just the way I want it done. Well, you’re in for a big disappointment, I’m afraid, because I’m going to pray the way God moves on me to do it.

But I don’t want to be slain in the Spirit.

Some big men have come in the healing line and declared to themselves, I’ll not fall. But they fell anyway. We have so many falling in the Spirit it keeps my ushers busy trying to help them all up. If you don’t want to fall, just stand up if you can. I’ve been all the way through the Bible, and the Lord never said anywhere that you had to fall to be healed.

An Honest Hearted Seeker

A Jewish doctor came to a crusade and watched the healing line. We gave him a seat right down front so he could see. He later said, “I sat there and thought, ‘I’m not going to fall; I’m not going to act like that.’”

When he got to me for prayer he told me he had an affliction for which there was no cure and he had come to be healed. I didn’t say anything to him about falling; I just told God to heal him.

He said, “You just reached out to me and it felt as though you hit me in the head with a two–by–four, and down I went.” That was years ago and he’s still healed today. I hear from him every month when he sends a check to help me keep this Gospel work going.

That Jewish doctor has studied my tapes, listened to my sermons, and read my books so much he can write a letter that if I didn’t know it was from him, I wouldn’t know but what I wrote it myself. I talk faith and love, and he talks the same way. He likes the way I talk, likes the miracles that take place. Knowing where help is to be found, he’s ready for his patients to come to me to get their miracles.

Partakers of Christ’s Sufferings

Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy (II Peter 4:12,13). If you’re having problems and you doubt God for the answers, study this scripture; it’s an eye–opener.

But Preacher, I still don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know whether or not I can make it through all these persecutions. Of course you’re going to make it; the Lord even said to rejoice. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you (Matthew 5:11,12).

Laughter Like a Good Medicine

Some people have gotten hurt because I laughed when they came in whimpering, carrying on as though they were at the end of their rope. I wasn’t making fun of them, but they expected me to say, You poor little lamb. I’ve never seen anyone so persecuted in all my life. Come here and let me cry over you.

I don’t have a sympathy handkerchief; I have a love handkerchief, God’s great handkerchief. It’s time to dry your tears and laugh a little. The Bible says laughter is like a good medicine; you need to take a good dose daily of Heaven’s laughter. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones (Proverbs 17:22).

I laugh a lot. The Holy Spirit will help you laugh if you’ll yield to Him, but laughter insults some people.

Preacher, I don’t feel like laughing. I don’t see anything to laugh about. If you had been going through all that I’m going through you wouldn’t be laughing. You’ve got it all wrong. If you had the fiery trials I have, you’d be half dead, thank you. But I go on laughing and praising God. I know the Lord will bring me out, so why not go ahead and enjoy myself? The devil wants me to frown; he wants to get me down, but I love laughing in the devil’s face. I’m happy and rejoicing because the Lord is taking care of my case; I’ve turned my problems over to Him so there’s no doubt or fear. Fear can only stay for a little while in a heart like that.

If you have the divine love and faith of God, fear may come, but divine love destroys it and it has to leave; it can’t stay, can’t homestead. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear (I John 4:18). When you’re in trouble, you can be scared for a moment, but don’t let fear stay. Maybe someone almost ran you down in a car and it frightened you at first, but in a little while you were over it. You don’t worry all day long because somebody almost ran over you. I don’t know how many people have just about run over me. They’re coming this way, that way, and some dash right out in front of me. One time a man ran into me from a side road. He claimed, “You ran into me.” But he had entered a main highway without the right of way.

Rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings. You say you want to be like Jesus? Then be like Him; partake of His sufferings and be happy, joyful, rejoice, and be exceeding glad.

Seek God Daily

Go to God if you’re in doubt; do this: Seek the Word instead of people. God, I need you to speak to me through your Word, the same word you’ve spoken to others and it helped them so much. I need the same words you spoke to Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Daniel and the Hebrew boys; I need God talk today. I need a real session with you.

If you talk to God like that, you’ll go into His very presence; His Word will leap up to you and you’ll wield it like a sword against the devil. You’ll come out waving the Word–sword so fast, you’ll smite the devil before he gets fixed. For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Hebrews 4:12). It’s time to move, time to be glad with exceeding joy.

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). In other words, faith comes by hearing the Word of God. When you’re in doubt about God, what are you going to do? What’s the remedy? His Book is the remedy, the Word the only cure. Without His Word there’s no divine faith, divine blood, divine love, divine help, divine assurance, divine direction for you. This is where many people err when they get sick: In their pain they don’t look to the Word. They should be holding the Word to their heart.

Mama Knew How to Contact God

In my home the Word was paramount. If we got sick, Mama came with the Word ready to pray. She’d lay the Bible, the promises, right on her children knowing that God’s faith would come upon us; we would be all right. Mama knew how to talk to God. I would just lie there listening to her. Her trust was in the Word she had laid on me, and I was going to get well. I didn’t think I was about to die; I thought I would get well. No matter how much pain I was in, Mama was telling God about it and I was going to be all right—and I was all right. Who could doubt prayers like that?

It’s wonderful to hear people pray for you when you know they don’t have doubt. I loved to hear Mama pray because she never seemed to have a doubt. She didn’t stand very tall, but she seemed ten feet tall when she’d go after the devil and run him off. With seven kids and Pop, you know there were miracles needed; God performed some great miracles in our home through Mama’s prayers. Mama knew how to call up Heaven, and she taught her children how to pray in faith.

When Mama was sick, she wanted the Word laid right on her; she wasn’t just hugging the Word, she was hugging God’s promises, and those promises worked. If Mama had a problem she didn’t know how to solve, she knew where to go, and it wasn’t to people. Mama never was one to go to people about a problem, not a pastor or another saint of God. She knew how to contact God, and that’s the reason so many depended on her. People in our neighborhood or at church would send for Mama when they were sick; they wanted Mama to pray. When a person has the faith of God, it shows in the way they pull down Heaven for others.

My mama put a deep–rooted faith in me that the devil couldn’t destroy even though I went into sin. It was a faith and love for God that could not be taken away; it was real to me. As a sinner I had no trouble believing God for miracles and healings. Although I wasn’t living for God, I knew people were going to be healed. I knew God would do it because He said so; that’s the way I was taught, and Mama never lied to me.

Where Do You Stand Today?

Do you have any doubt about the Word of God, or did you get rid of your doubts? You de–flea dogs and cats, now why not “de–flea” yourself from doubt? I’ve given you the remedy. Get rid of all the doubt and walk hand–in–hand with the Lord the rest of the journey. You’ll be a happy child of God, a strong child of God with victory daily as you praise the name of the Lord.

I find my strength, my love in the Bible; it’s a love Book. I find all the faith I need there; I just turn and read. In times of deep valleys maybe the Lord will give me a special chapter that I’ll read over and over and start memorizing. I’ll go to it all hours of the day and night. Maybe I’ll get up in the wee hours of the morning and head out for that chapter; it has the light that I need. All the promise that I need is in that chapter, all the backup of that promise, and all the faith and light that go with it; it’s my comfort, my help, my strength. The Word of God is power.

Do you doubt God? You don’t have to be in doubt about Him. Get to the Word and ask God to give you something that will stick to your mind, heal it up so the devil can’t place one little doubt there concerning what you need. It’ll work; it has worked for me so many times, and I’ve seen crises again and again. The valleys can be deep, but I find everything I need in the Word. When the storm is raging, my help is in the Word. I’ve learned not to look to people; they can mean well and still fail you. They make promises that many times are impossible to keep, but God never makes a promise He can’t keep.

Come to Jesus

He’s yours today. Sinner, why don’t you come to Him? Why don’t you come to Jesus now? You need Him.

I don’t know about Him, Preacher.

I do, and I bring Him to you. I highly recommend Him, why don’t you give Him a try?

You who watch me on television, you see the miracles and the healings; you see the faith that I use for the sick to be healed. I don’t heal the people; faith in God heals the people, and you see His faith in action through this humble instrument of clay. You see His love flowing forth and you see the results. You, too, can have results today.

If you’re not saved, pray this prayer. Oh, God, save my soul; forgive me of my sins. I’m so sorry I sinned against you, but I have come home, and I will serve you, Lord, the rest of my life. I believe the blood of Jesus washes away all of my sins. Come on in, Jesus! Come on in!

If you meant that prayer, now you can say, Hallelujah! He has come. Hallelujah! Jesus is mine. I will serve Him.

God’s Healing Power Is Flowing

You who are sick and afflicted, it may be HIV, AIDS, leprosy, severe heart trouble, lung disease, cancer or sugar diabetes; it may be any affliction that has death in it, but you can be delivered because Jesus is the life–giver. Claim the promise. Oh God, I bring the sick and afflicted to you today knowing with full assurance that you will heal the people. I curse their diseases, their afflictions. That person who is dying with HIV, AIDS, give him or her life right now. That woman, that man who is dying with cancer, heal them right now. That little one dying with AIDS, and that daddy dying with heart trouble, set them free. Deliver the crippled ones; set them free in the blood name of Jesus. Heal! in the name of Jesus! Heal! in the all–powerful blood name of Jesus.

The healing power is flowing, and Jesus is saying to you, Wilt thou be made whole? He wants to make you completely whole; let Him do it and then write and tell me about it. Have the faith of God, and you will have perfect trust for Him to answer all your prayers prayed in His divine will.