The Power of the Holy Ghost Magazine

This bi-monthly, four-color publication features a timely sermon, testimonies from around the world and a special letter from Rev. Angley. Every issue will boost your faith as you read about the miraculous works of God being done today.

Hungry For God In Soweto, South Africa — Part 1

June 2018

Read about how God moved to heal, deliver and set free thousands in Soweto, South Africa, in the June Power of the Holy Ghost Magazine.

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Everything Is Ahead Of Us

May 2018

The Bible tells us that God’s best is still ahead of us. You must know what that includes or you will not be properly prepared to receive what He will be pouring out.

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Save Yourself And Others

April 2018

Salvation makes us a part of God’s Kingdom, but that is just the beginning of a new life that is to be focused not on yourself but on others. You must know your responsibility in growing God’s Kingdom.

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Reasoning The Wrong Way

March 2018

You can reason things out in many ways, but there is only one right way to reason; and you must know what that way is.

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Love Put’s God’s Talents To Use

February 2018

You must know what God expects you to do with the talents and gifts He gives you. Not using those things as He intends will bring no rewards.

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Patiently Continue In Well Doing

January 2018

No matter how hard the road gets, we must continue following the Lord. But you must now how to do that with divine patience or you will hinder God from moving for you.

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The Excellency Of The Power Is Of God

December 2017

To be able to receive and use the power of God, you must know its capabilities and realize that you can do nothing of any lasting worth within yourself.

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God Does Deliver

November 2017

If you have any doubts as to whether or not God performs miracles and healings today, this message will wipe them all away. 

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Rejoice In The Lord

October 2017

Rejoicing in the Lord is easy when everything Is going right, but you must also know how to truly rejoice in the midst of the most difficult troubles and trials.

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Do You Appreciate God’s Grace?

August 2017

You will never receive all the blessings of God’s grace by just knowing about it; you must learn to appreciate it God’s way and then depend on it. 

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