Giant Little Books

Giant Little Books are convenient, pocket-size booklets containing a single sermon by Rev. Angley; they are the perfect "take-alongs" and cover a wide range of topics.

Can We Run And Not Be Weary?

June 2018

Living the life of a true Christian in this last hour requires a lot of work and determination, so you must know what the Word has to say about how we can do all we need to do without becoming spiritually weary.

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How To Make Godly Decisions

May 2018

We make decisions every day of our lives, but are you making the decisions God would have you to make? The Word of God will let you know.

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Too Much Of Me

April 2018

What is “too much of me?” The Bible plainly lets us know; and falling victim to “too much of me” is one of the greatest hindrances to God working in a person’s life.

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Depending On God’s Strength

March 2018

Truly depending on God’s Strength is more than just saying that you are. You must know how to depend on Him or you will definitely be defeated in this final hour.

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Jesus Must Increase; I Must Decrease

February 2018

We must constantly be striving for more of God in our lives, but that will not happen if we are not willing to give up certain things as laid out in God’s Word.

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Instant In Season And Out Of Season

January 2018

Do you answer the Lord’s call only when it is convenient for you? The Bible gives much insight into how and when we should be ready to do God’s work.

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Divinity Christmas

December 2017

May people celebrate Christmas, but how many people celebrate it God’s way? God only recognizes a divinity Christmas, and that involves so much more than just acknowledging that Christ was born. 

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Called To Glory And Virtue

November 2017

God wants to pour his glory and virtue through His true children, but what kind of vessel must you be for Him to be able to do that?

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Follow Me and Finish Your Course with Joy

October 2017

A true child of God’s road is not an easy one, but it can be a happy and victorious one if you know how to walk it God’s way.

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September 2017

Here on Earth, we know that seeds produce life of all kinds; but there are also spiritual seeds. You must know what those seeds are, how and where they are planted  and what kind of life they can bring forth; or you may find yourself in serious trouble.  

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